Jane Lately #55: Actually adulting

1. I’m, like, a real adult now.

I have health insurance via work, a car, car insurance, and property insurance. The latter covers me in the event of a burglary or fire or whatever at home, or if someone breaks into my car and deems my crap worthy of a five-finger discount, or if I’m moving and my shit is lost/damaged/etc. I didn’t know this thing even existed!

When I was a kid, my mom and stepdad used some company to move our shit from Round Rock to Wills Point, and the bulk of it was lost/stolen, and there was “nothing” we could do.

But I’m not them. I’m not even in contact with them, but I’m determined to adult better than they ever did.

I have a hippopotamus PT Cruiser. It’s very small and I have to open the back manually (what is this peasant bullshit?), but it’s a car and I’m finding its smallness allows room for [minimal] error if that’s what it comes to.

I’ve not driven a car in forever, and definitely not since what happened last year. I’m so terrified of other people on the road, so I doubt I’ll be going farther than work/home anytime soon.

2005 PT Cruiser at an angle

I asked my dad for help finding a car. He went out and bought me one. I’m now paying him back for it, in monthly payments, but still — is this what having a healthy relationship with your parents is like? They go out and buy a car for you if that’s what you need, and they can afford it, without asking what’s in it for them? Without stacking on interest? Without expecting you to give them your firstborn son even though you’re a tokophobic lesbian??

It’s kind of lovely, but also weird, because I’m just not used to that.

Plus, the whole driving phobia shit.

On the other hand, I’m getting some bitchin’ decals on my rear window, including one advertising this lovely blog you’re on now — which, wow, motivation to blog a bit more frequently than usual — and get to show off some lesbian pride because I use a bright lanyard for my keys that has the new lesbian pride flag on it. I attach it to a belt loop on my jeggings at work to keep up with it, mainly, but I will take all the help I can get to find a) LGBTQ+ friends and/or b) a girlfriend for my majorly awkward self.

2. Baby food jars = 💘

Baby food jar holding bobby pins; spray-painted silver lid; hair elastics around outside of jar

I spray paint the lids and leave the glass clear so I can see what’s inside them. I first tried spray painting the glass, too, but it didn’t go so well and the fail worked in my favor. I like when I can see what’s inside shit.

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Congrats on being an adult! I am really glad that you see to enjoy positive parenting.

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I hate adulting most days. I wish I’d done more when I was a teenager but I was too busy being studious and taking care of my family. My family didn’t teach me much about survival. I learned a lot of adulting pretty much on my own.

I wish that I drove, but when I was 17, I was involved in a really bad car wreck with some friends and that wreck nearly took my life. As a result, I suffer from PTSD, which causes panic/anxiety attacks majority of the time I even get into a car. I never learned to drive and it bothers me every day. Every time someone tries to teach me, I have full on panic attacks.

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