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Webcomics are…like books? Yes—this is me officially making them so. I haven’t been reading enough to finish another book to post a review, and it seems weird to start adding Anne of Green Gables reviews when I decided to not review every book I read on my blog, so I’m talking about comics today—webcomics, to be specific.

Webcomics are comics released on the Wild, Wild Web (because that’s obviously what it stands for). Some are episodic[1. Published as a series of installments loosely based on similar events; can be viewed out of order—think sitcoms], while others are serial[2. Published as a series of regular installments all connected to each other; should be viewed in order—think dramas].

The webcomics I’m sharing today are a mix—and all are my favorites. They’re in absolutely no order whatsoever, for I couldn’t put myself through that kind of torture.

MANY OF THESE MAY BE NSFW, SO PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Also, if you take issue with queer themes, you should just leave now before your eyes bleed from queerphobia.

Icons of four comics, in order of listing below

Long Exposure ☢️

Nerd Jojo and bully Mitch are forced to work together as part of an environmental science project. One thing leads to another, and they develop super powers and notice a blank black car following them everywhere. The story follows their developing powers and personal challenges, and discovering their attraction to one another.

  • I started reading thinking I would hate it, because it’s the cliche nerd-and-bully-fall-in-love trope, BUT IT’S UNIQUE.
    • I hate when authors humanize bullies (kinda like Lauren in Faking It), because then I fall in love with them even more.
  • The super powers are not the ones every super power story contains.
  • Jojo is the cutest.

Griefer Belt 🔪

Griefer Belt is a slice of life series about queer criminals in the black market.

  • There is a Twitter account by the boss man/crime lord.
  • This is my guilty pleasure.
  • It’s light-hearted and dark-humored.
    • There are themes of murder. Actually, the black market in this case is body parts.
      • It gets pretty gross.

Rock and Riot 🎶

Set in the 1950, Rock and Riot follows two opposing teen gangs through LGBT themes and their journey to prom.

  • It reminds me of Grease, but if it was made by my generation.

Mondo Mango 🐉

An episodic slice of life series about Kao, his family/friends, and his dragon.

  • It’s based on real life and adorable.
  • Also, he has a comic artist boyfriend, and it’s just so, so, SO ADORABLE.
  • The comics are hearty.

Icons of four BL webcomics, in order of listing below

Handcuffs 👮 (NSFW)

Drug dealer Yrkki sold drugs to cop Taavi during an attempted bust for information.

  • It’s a romance.
    • Definitely NSFW.
  • Taavi is my favorite. 😂

Headless 💀 (NSFW?)

Percy (nicknamed Pascal) is shy and bullied at school for being gay. His mom’s a supportive doll. To solve his problems, he conducts a satanic spell requesting help. Until it happened, Pascal thought it all a joke.

  • I KNOW. I know. I know…but it’s an endearing story.
  • Worth mentioning as a content warning: Episodes of comical dismemberment. 😂
  • Updates are typically daily, sometimes multiple times spread across several hours.

Orange and Lemon 🍊🍋

Luca and Ander are polar opposites. Between heartbreaks and coincidences, they’ll discover that love comes in different colors.

  • I recently started reading this one.
  • It’s also interesting.
  • It’s cute.
  • It’s also meta! “Orange” and “Lemon” are characters in a BL manga Ander started reading.

Eyes on Me 👀

Evan forgets his keys at his friend’s house; upon going to get them, a cute, half-naked guy answers the door.

  • It’s slow.
    • …too slow.
    • But I’m patient? Yeah, I’m patient.~
  • It’s cute, too.

Icons of four comics, in order of listing below

FourGirls 🎥

Four girls share their lives as they navigate college via a webcam. The roommates are total opposites.

  • It’s an interesting idea/perspective to be told in webcomic form.
  • The illustrations are UH-MAZE-ING.
  • It’s all so cute.
  • I’ve got a crush on Katia. 😳
    • Also Nora. 😳😳
    • And Heaven. 😳😳😳
    • And Sophie… 😳😳😳😳

The One Who Loved You from Behind

Edamame “Mame” has a crush on rebellious classmate Wren Long, who picks fight and wreaks havoc everywhere he goes. Wren only listens to adamant online girlfriend, Eda, who he met months ago. Little does he know, Mame is Eda. Little does Mame know, Wren knows.

  • It’s such a cute story.
  • Mame is confined to a wheelchair, and it plays a great deal in this story, exploring how his circumstance affects others around him while focusing on him.
    • I fell in love with this, because I relate to it allegorically[3. Did I use this right?!] in terms of my autism.

Entree 🍴 (NSFW?)

Cannibal leader Adam summons village leader Kiana to exchange herself for her villagers’ freedom. When she arrives, he proposes marriage in an attempt to convert his followers and bring peace to everyone.

  • I know.
  • I know it’s weird.
  • NSFW warnings are in place MOSTLY for the fore. It’s gory.
  • Despite being about cannibals, it’s fairly innocent and the heart story = addiction.

Valentine 💕

Set in Russia, Alex takes Max under his wing, when the two meet during a Valentine’s Day event by mistake, to help him navigate uni life as a fellow foreign student—and because Max is too careless with his sexuality (gay) in a homophobic country.

  • This is a cute, slow-paced webcomic.
  • It’s rather PG-13, but the cutest. The artist wants to keep it realistic and not jump into anything too suddenly.
  • I joined Tapas so I could follow this comic.
  • Also available in Russian.

Icons of four mermaid-themed webcomics, in order of listing below

The Sea in You 🍔

As Corinth was cleaning up the beach, she met a mermaid who stole her necklace. Also, her boyfriend’s a jerk.

  • Because mermaids.

Out of the Blue 🎸

Blind dam worker Felix meets Mack, a merman who fixes his broken guitar. Set in mid-century southern North America.

  • Because MERMAIDS.

Sirenita 🌊

A small girl finds a tiny mermaid on the beach, and they grow up together and .


The Fisherwomen of Saadi 🐠

Ubaid, a girl from a poor family who has a strange birthmark on her right shoulder, is determined to join a group of fisherwomen with mysterious backgrounds. She loves the sea, and meets and learns to communicate with a strange fish-friend.

  • Because I just need ALL THE MERMAIDS.
    • This isn’t totally a mermaid story?! It’s complicated.
    • The fish-friends are a variation of merpeople, I think? Again, it’s complicated; I just started reading it. 😅

Those are all my faves. 😅 I have so many, but I love them most! Others I’m subscribed to may be found via my Tapas profile. 😉

Do you read any webcomics? Which are your faves?

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Aahh, I love love love webcomics and am so addicted to Tapas. I’m going to have to check out your recommends because I’ve been wanting to add more to my library! I already follow some of the ones on your list: Mondo Mango, Handcuffs, Eyes on Me, and Valentine. (And I love them too.)

These are some others I’ve been enjoying (all on Tapas)!

BL: Victim Gate of Spirits, Ghost Lights, Placebo Zero
Serial: Heart of Keol, Kings Folly, Carciphona, Sprinter, Wayfarers, SPLIT, Himawari Share, Something About 30
Episodic: the Gamercat, Sarah’s Scribbles, The Pigeon Gazette

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Of those, I followed The GaMERCaT for a while, but I think I need to start from the beginning to understand it more/get into it, but I also haven’t made time for all the episodes and instead spend time binging other BL comics. 😅

The day after I posted this, I got into Not So Emo, which is so cute. 😍 The pacing and character development are both really great. <3

I’m going to have to check out the others you listed. 😀 Sooo awesome when other people I know ALSO read webcomics. I refrain from speaking of them a lot, because I always feel like such a nerd over it. 🤓

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I read Out of the Blue this past weekend after seeing it on your list, and I loved it! I still need to check out more from your list 😆

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That’s one of my favorite ones! I mean, they’re all my faves?! But I’m more biased when it comes to mermaids/merpeople stories because of how hard to find they are. 😢

I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😀

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