Hello, world!

Today is World Hello Day—what fun! I thought I’d reintroduce myself to the world—or at least those with whom I’ve not had a proper introduction. I’m posting this later than intended ’cause my. body. hurts.

I’m Jane!

I’m 26ish as of this post’s publication date. I’m stubborn as hell and consider pain pills a last-ditch effort to relieve all that ails me. For many things, I’m an open book—but not so much for the things one might actually want to know…which sounds cryptic AF.

Some things I’m loving lately + some classics:

  • raw angel hair pasta
  • Jasmine rice (or most any rice, really)
  • eating with chopsticks
  • manga and manwha
  • webcomics
  • Hellcats (cancelled, boo)
  • Bob Evans’ mashed potatoes
  • Pepsi
  • True Lime drink mix-ins
  • mint chocolate chip ice cream

Janepedia is my blog.

My blog started February 2010 at 6birds.net. A year ago, I changed everything over to hej.gay (I say “change” because I never moved files or data for it), because I needed a domain that could grow with me and who I am presently. No longer do I feel like a new adult full of angst because her mother doesn’t love her anymore.

I’m free; my life is defined by me—my actions, my being.

I’m a nicheless blogger.

I blog about my passions, my special interests, general life-y things.

Recently, I reorganized my editorial calendar and will be spreading these things out better so they’re not, like, books-books-books or food-food-food, but like books-green living-food-movies, etc. I prefer this more, because when I look at what I’m passionate about and the posts I write on it, I start to feel like maybe writing too much about them will make me seem like a niche-oriented blogger—and balancing the topics into a structure helps it not seem so. 😀

I will add photos and emojis later ’cause my body hurts, but I wanted to make this post before the day ends!

What about you (and/or your blog)?

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Hello Jane! 😀 This is a great post and a good opportunity to introduce the real YOU.

Hey girl hey! I too enjoy rice and raw pasta! My mom would ALWAYS warn me that it would make me sick. I choose to live dangerously. 😂😂 Bring on ALL the green living!