My First Graze USA Box

Ivy tweeted a code for a free Graze box, and I was frustrated. As far as I knew, Graze boxes still weren’t yet available in the USA. I suppose it was only coincidental that I’d only been thinking about if they had come to the USA yet a few days before.

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Signing up

Signing up was easy. You have to put in your credit card information, but you can cancel after the first box if you’d like. If you use my code, you’ll get your first and fifth boxes free. When people sign up, you can choose to either donate $1 to Uganda’s school of farming or choose to use it for your next box. I decided to try another box as well, so I used my first referral for $1 off my next box, making it $4. I think I’m going to donate the rest of my referrals, though, if I happen to get anymore. I’ll cancel after my second box.

Trash, Try, Like, Love

Once you sign up, you’ll be asked to rate the snacks!

  • Trash — Throw away what you don’t want them to send. I trashed more than half of the menu. I’m a picky eater… I wouldn’t suggest it for picky eaters.
  • Try — Choose to try snacks that look appetizing/you’d like to try. If I remember correctly, all snacks are marked as “Try” when you start out. I went through the entire menu and rated all 88 snacks.
  • Like — Like what you already know you like.
  • Love — Love what you already know you love.

I have 22/88 snacks on my Try/Like/Love list. The rest I trashed due to my picky self, and then also because of my allergies.


I’m allergic to everything on the menu technically, but I’ve been waiting about two or so years to try one of these things. In other words, screw the allergies. They are not going to stand in the way of me trying and having my first ever Graze box!

They also have a list of “Dietary Requirements”:

  • Non-vegan food
  • Non-celiac food
  • Dairy/milk

They can’t promise their food will be completely vegan/dariy/milk/celiac free, as all of their foods are prepared in the same kitchen.

Their website and boxes clearly state that “Graze boxes are not suitable for people with nut allergies and some foods may be unsuitable for young children, so please take care.”

Tropical Sundae

I didn’t exactly notice the mango… I don’t think there were many pieces in there. The dried fruit was chewy and sweet, whereas I like crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth and sweet freezer dried fruit like the Brothers-All-Natural Crisps or Healthy Munchy. I couldn’t finish the bananas because they had some weird flavor to them. They left an after taste of some kind of soapy flavor. I trashed this snack option.

Bonnie Wee Oatbakes with Red Onion Marmalade

grazebox_oatcakes.jpg (500×297)

The oatbakes are made with chives and cheese, and they smell funny. They taste pretty good, though… After you’re chewing them for a while. The marmalade is a definite NO for me. I hate onions, and they also really mess with my acid reflux. Aside from that, it doesn’t smell anything like onions at all. Although I like bland and dry foods sometimes, these oatbakes were a bit too dry[1. I’m assuming that’s what the dip is for, though!]. I would get them again, but not with that dipping crud. I trashed this item, because I’d rather get something that I like about the whole thing rather than just liking the dippers. The point of this is to enjoy nibbling on it throughout the week, right?

Lightly Toasted Pistachios

Before you say anything, just let me say that these were THE BEST in the box as far as what I was looking forward to goes. I know, tree nut. I know, nut allergy. I know. Anyway, these are better than the ones I’ve ever bought at the store/found at First Monday. They don’t have as much salt as the ones in stores do, which I really liked. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had these. Nuts make it difficult for me to breathe, and my throat sort of tries to close up. When I get tested for food allergies[2. Because I was tested for household/everyday/common allergies, not food specifically.], nuts will not be included in that since I’ve discovered the effect they have on me on my own, and I’m assuming it would be risky to test me for it anyway. Although I really enjoyed this, I can’t afford to be tempted to eat them if they come again. Thus, I trashed them. If I could eat nuts, I would have loved them instead. But I can’t. 😡

Natural Vanilla Seeds


I was scared I wouldn’t like these. I was thinking they’d taste more like the artificial vanilla flavors, and picturing that taste on these was simply impossible. I was just going to have a taste — just a pinch of them — and then save the rest for breakfast. OH MY GOSH, IT’S LIKE CANDY. And I want more. They remind me of Sunny Seeds. They don’t have these snacks in larger quantities to buy if desired, and that’s a downside for me. I decided to love them and hope for the next box, even though I probably won’t get these in it. And if I don’t, that’s okay, too; I’ll have something else to try.


Out of the four nibbles I received, I had to trash three of them due to my picky self and my allergies. Still, I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed with my first box. I just hope my second box is better. I also wish I didn’t choose to try the Tropical Sundae and Bonnie Wee Oatbakes even though I already knew I most likely wouldn’t like either. I also reluctantly trashed the Mesquite BBQ Pistachios no matter how much I’d love to taste that combination. Perhaps later on I’ll be able to. But at the moment, I’m working on building up my immune system with allergy shots four days a week, and I think it’s best to stay away from things that really affect me like nuts do. I went from 22/88 snacks to 19/88.

[spoiler /Rambling/ /Close/]Technically, I could spend $12[3. $14 if I don’t get two more referrals.] to get up to the fifth box (which is free), and, if they plan it out right, I will have hopefully had a chance to try all of the ones I have left, with one possibly repeated. But I don’t know. I’ll decide after the second box. And I don’t exactly have the money, either; I’m using money from Christmas. But most likely, I’ll cancel after the second box.[/spoiler]

…and there is a napkin under the snacks, at the bottom of the box! You can get your first box free here, and for your convenience, the code is already filled in. 😉 Their boxes are made of recycled material and are biodegradable, so they’re also good for the environment!

What are your favorite healthy snacks?

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Comments on this post

I have never heard of them before! Since my favorite snacks are nuts and dried fruit, I think that I’d like it a lot and might try it out sometime. The vanilla seeds sound really interesting. 😀

This is really cool, I just ordered mine. I am a picky eater too, but I am always trying to expand my palette and eat healthier. Plus how can you beat $5?

I saw another blog talking about this! It looks like a really good deal, and I think it’s neat that there’s so many snacks to choose from. That’s too bad that you had to trash most of your first package though. The pistachios sounded tasty at least. I hope you have better luck in your next one!

I never heard about it before but I love it already. Especially when you’re able to donate the money or use it for your next box. Though I think it’s great that you try it out even when you have allergies for most of them. I wish I could try them out too ; _ ;

$12 for all that seems quite reasonable, considering how much those things are by the package!
I might have to give it a try, given my new health issues and having to change my diet.

But…. Onion marmalade… What…? O_O

It’s $5 each, and if you use my code, you can get the first box and fifth boxes free. :3

…that’s what I said!! Isn’t marmalade fruit??!!

I just got a code for this box! I’m tempted to try it, because I think it’s a great way of discovering new snacks and makes a healthier alternative than my go-to snack of… um, potato chips.

i’ve never heard of these, but then we don’t have them in australia.

they sound very nice for a snack at work :oD

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