Hallo 2020

New year, still here.

A weekly BuJo spread for January 2020

Ah, gee. Where should I even begin? I’m generally more of a list person, so let’s just start there:

  • I’ve finally decided to try bullet journaling. Digital planners/scheduling don’t work for me. Neither did custom/premade planners. I remember Coryl creating for herself a custom planner using printed sheets and a lined notebook, and that is one of the influences in my decision to try the whole BuJo brigade.
  • Nothing exciting is coming to my blog this year. Wow, I totally just killed some buzz, right? But there will be mentions of me discussing something “later” or “next year”, as I have in the past. Almost all those things, especially the juicy ones, are finally going to be explained in a blog series entitled Jane Out Loud, for 2021.

My blogging changed a bit last year.

I think I got more raw, less filtered, like the pure honey that crystallizes if it isn’t used quick enough.

Instead of trying to please other people by posting what I think they want to read on a blog like mine, I’m doing the whole good-work-gets-found thing and posting what I want to post.

I’m really growing into Jane, and Janepedia is growing into me.

Something happened last year that I can’t go into detail about yet.

And I don’t know how much that event is going to affect me fully, moving forward.

I don’t know much of anything right now, and yet I also know a lot of things.

Other things

I’m doing the Book Blog Discussion Challenge again this year, hosted by Nicole and Shannon. My tag for it is #LetsDiscuss2020.

My Goodreads Reading Challenge is 20 books.

I’m actually meal planning now. I’m taking my lunch to work, too, and posts about that will be coming since they’re a) simple and b) important re: I feel like we need more real-life examples of actually relatable people sharing what they really eat on a regular basis. Those articles and slideshows about what nutritionists eat each day? Hard pass.

I’m on a mission to potty train Solara this year. I bought Hello Kitty Pampers Easy Ups, but there is no wetness indicator and they’re super absorbent, so it’s like even if she pees, I can’t tell either way. BUT I’M NOT A MOMMY BLOGGER, so I’m not going into further detail. 😅

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How interesting that you have things planned for 2021 that can’t go up this year. I hope that whatever it is that happened last year affects you in a positive way and not a negative one!

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