Tetris × Ipsy: June 2019

Ipsy teamed up with TETRIS to create a line of inspired cosmetics in celebration of TETRIS’s 35th anniversary. I was excited. I really hoped for the yellow, bright blue, red, or pink bag — in that order. I got the pink bag.

Beauty products popping out of a cosmetic case, atop red, orange and yellow stripes of pride flag

Charlise received the blue bag — she gets Ipsy, too, and every month, we have this moment wherein we share what we got and do swatches. It’s actually the reason I had a swatch photo for my December 2018 glam bag.

The only reason I decided to receive June’s Ipsy bag was because they partnered with TETRIS, and I was keen to receive some nerdy beauty products. I skipped a few months again, to give myself time to play with my collection.

This month, I used a PRIDE flag, which hangs on wall hooks behind my headboard like a tapestry. It creates a bit of a monochromatic look, but I definitely wanted to use the PRIDE flag Charlise got me for my birthday last year.

I know I post my Ipsy reviews after the fact, but PRIDE doesn’t reside in June; it’s something that goes on year-round if you’re part of the community.

Ipsy picks

What Ipsy selected for me:

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Mystical

There’s a Huda Beauty series on Facebook Watch, but I don’t know if I’ll be watching it. I only discovered Facebook Watch in June, and the only thing tempting me to watch anything is Elizabeth Olsen in Sorry for Your Loss.

I expected Mystical to appear more blue/purple, but it requires a lot of application to make this possible. The lip gloss tube is longer than I’m used to, but somehow it works regardless.

The scent is reminiscent of vanilla, and the design of the lip gloss results in a clean applicator — my favorite aspect of it and why I forgive the lengthy tube. The applicator itself is angled, making it easier to use the same gloss dipping session on both the top and bottom lips.

Recently: This has become my staple! I wasn’t a huge fan of it at first, but it’s def a part of my lip blending process. LAQA & Co.’s Menataur Lip Lube goes great with this.

Delectable by Cake Beauty Triple Citrus Blend Butter Wash Body Polish

The scent of this butter body polish reminds me why girls are amazing: we smell intoxicating. Using it felt like spoiling myself, something I’ve refrained from doing because I was taught that that kind of self-care is wrong. It’s quite empowering, honestly.

I used it on my feet once a week, though I did use it after shaving my legs and they were amazingly soft.

Cake sadly doesn’t sell this anymore, but I’m keeping my eye out!

Recently: I’ve seen similar products available. I have the Butter Balm Hand Lotion in Triple Citrus Blend that I mostly use during work because my hands dry out quickly. Smells great, feels great. Really loving Cake Beauty.

Purlisse Watermelon Energizing Marshmallow Peel-Off Mask

I was cautious about this mask. I like the scent and how it actually peels off instead of being super messy, but emphasis on marshmallow. It’s as sticky as marshmallow creme — which, if you’ve ever had to use it in a recipe where you also had to mix with your hands, is a nightmare. It’s pink and glittery and smells like watermelon and peels off easily, but actually getting it on my face in the first place is akin to making your bed with a neurotic kitten in the room.

The directions say to apply a thin layer, but it takes a lot of the mask to get it on my face in the first place — and then even more to actually massage it to other spaces on the face.

You ever have to peel your skin after a sunburn? That’s what removing this feels like. Personally, this sensation doesn’t fall under my list of kinks.

So, in theory, I loved this sample, but it’s not something I’d want for long-term usage over large areas such as my whole face.

I tried this again, and it’s still a no-go for me. Too much sticks inside the package, and it’s overall messier than my other peel-off masks.

Neogen Code9 Black Volume Cream (moisturizer)

Although I knew this had argan oil, I made the executive decision of trying it anyway, since the nut oil was further down the ingredients list. As it turns out, I am most definitely allergic to it regardless — a nut allergy is a nut allergy, after all.

I used this moisturizer for about a week, however, and I definitely enjoyed it. Before things make my face better, I tend to break out, and Code9 was no different. The scent isn’t too overpowering, and it kept my skin from drying out/getting too oily.

Just can’t use it because allergies. 🤷

TETRIS™ X Ipsy Eyeshadow in Top Out

Super blue, but also super fun. Would be great for dramatic effects or a night out. I have yet to use this beyond just playing with it at home.

Add-ons I selected

I opted for three this time, though I really wanted four — I wanted the tapered eyeshadow TETRIS brush! But the masks were cuter, so.

TETRIS™ X Ipsy Lip Balm in L33t & Mad Skillz

Upon first application of Mad Skillz, all was fine.

Second application was in doing a swatch, with which I’m always gentle and typically have to do multiple strides in order to produce adequate color. It broke anyway.

It’s so disappointing!

The TETRIS lip balms change colors, not unlike Gobstoppers or Rolo: outside is main color, inside is accent color.

Swatches make this obvious, but actually applying the lip balm to my lips to accomplish more than subtle coloring a Burt’s Bees lip tint could trump was difficult. It requires multiple applications, but the more you apply it, the more it feels like makeup purchased from the dress-up/toy department at Walmart.

It feels cheap. It smells like sugar and made me crave the sugar cookie fragrance of a perfume I didn’t like several years back, because all I want to do is smell it. Honestly, the best part of the lip balms is the ability to smell them — if you hold it close enough to your nose, of course.

They’re just not strong at all, but I guess it’s one of those situations wherein money trumped quality, because even that lip plumper I disliked last month is of better quality than these lip balms. 🧐

Look at Me sheet masks

I got Sweet Honey Bear and Aqua Moisture Racoon.

Both worked in terms of sheet masks? I’ve found honey really does my skin great.


I received the pink bag, but switched with Charlise for the blue! It’s more me, and pink is more her.~ It did start to grow on me, but the blue fits my style better! I was impressed with the great quality of the bags, which only contributed more disappointment to the cheapness of the lip balms.

The samples I got in this bag were primarily skincare, but I feel like I could totally pull off a PRIDE-themed look with the samples I’ve received from Ipsy thus far. I do still want a yellow eyeliner, however, which would be great also because I don’t have any yellow makeup samples.

Around the time I was working on posting this, I was trying to find full-time work. I legit forgot about it, don’t know where the rest of my photos for this glambag are, and have already used most of the products. Parts added more recently are bolded.

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