Jane Lately #41: Candid

Ahh, hopping on the descriptive titles train. But am I really, if descriptive/long titles are my jam? I have a hard time remembering what I put into which life update, so I’m mostly summarizing the title for me. Because I can’t be bothered to view every single one looking for this or that in the same time frame as a Mindy Project episode. I’d rather watch the Mindy Project episode. 💁‍♀️

Photo of feet on bed, filled laundry basket behind feet; rest of room is out of focus

This photo is the farthest from lifestyle blog chic, but…I like it? The sun is coming in through my blinds, so the light isn’t artificial. But my favorite part is the laundry basket full of stuff—mostly blankets—I’ve yet to fold and put away. My toenails have grown and lost their polish. Don’t even get me started on the rest of the room. 🤷‍♀️

I’m not super into the staged photos. Like with people photography, I love candid—so candid it is here. 👌

I was home alone much of May.~

I’ve been busy this month. I had the place to myself…is it bad that I enjoyed it a lot? People like to give me a lot of smack because I’m “messy” and “out of control”, but there is organization to my mess! I still managed to do laundry and keep the kitchen clean before kitchen-type bugs started showing up. (I’m not counting that water bug, because it was rainy and rain always brings them indoors. Ugh. So no—counts it does not.)

The top thing that seemed to be difficult was keeping up with all my grandmother’s plants (I’m used to having just three, thank you) and having the energy to cook homemade meals. I wanted to cook homemade meals more than instant meals because I get so burnt out on instant meals. One of the things I struggle with is accepting that I’m a spoonie, even though much of the world doesn’t want me to be anyway, but I guess at some point I do need to accept that I can’t make more than two meals from scratch in a row and be okay with that.

Meal planning is a common suggestion among my friends and definitely what I’ve considered, but I think it’s something that will only be possible once I have my own place. Right now, having even five things in the pantry/fridge that are my own—regardless of how much space they take up—is enough to earn comments about how I’m taking over all the free space, so the last thing I want is for my work towards meal prepping to go to complete waste. No matter who doesn’t want to admit it, there is a double standard when it comes to me in this family, and it sucks.

I’m nowhere near close to that point in my life, but…I’m getting there. There’s only so much control I have over things.

I bought alcohol for the first time!

I listened to Shania Twain as a kid, and even danced to this song in a routine I remember little of, but I’ve never related to “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” until I bought alcohol for the first time. I’ve had it before, I just…never bought it.

And I always thought the whole “rite of passage” in terms of buying alcohol was, uh, ridiculous and overrated.

The cashier glanced up at me with a bit of a smile, as if to say, “You know this has alcohol, right? You’re not really gonna make me have to ask you to show me your ID, right?”

Even though I still don’t look 27, or at least 18 on most days[1. Which I attribute to young kids around here looking so much older, OK. It’s not my fault. It’s theirs. #BlameYoungerGenerationForEverything, no? But seriously: here, high schoolers look like college kids. It’s creepy. ENJOY CHILDHOOD.], I finally feel like a woman.

I bought two Daily’s Cocktails (adult Capri Suns) ’cause they were cheap and required little opening maintenance. The first one, I only had half of before I was drunk out of my mind?? Apparently wine is different. Anyway, long story short: it’s nothing like it is in the photos, probably because I wasn’t used to it. There was no happiness and it didn’t come up my straw very well, and also the alcohol hit me too fast and I’m done with wine.


I gave the other one to Charlise and poured the remaining half down the sink since I couldn’t bring myself to finish it off. I felt like I was having an anxiety attack when I was drunk on that ish. Noooo thanks.

Do I have an allergy to cold things??

As I waited to buy my adult Capri Suns for the first time, I briefly held them against my left arm. When I got home, I noticed it was more like a rash. When I felt, it felt like hives. Then I realized, These ARE hives!

Because it’s 2018, I consulted The Google. Apparently, this reaction is a legit thing. I’m not going crazy.

It’s called cold urticaria, and for me, it seems to just be external. But it explains a lot, like why icing injuries creates rashes even after one minute.

Links lately

This song is my new favorite. People call women “slut” for the stupidest reasons, whatever they do, and I’m totally into taking an epithet’s power and using it to empower me.

These confetti paper balloons look like someone decided to fill a Softdisc with sprinkles. Also? Now I want a confetti menstrual cup. And the first photo having a string doesn’t help: New & improved sprinkle Softdiscs: a party for your vagina. Small text: String not included; added for decoration only. Sprinkles are part of cup design and not removable. Do not swallow.

Georgie’s holding another ASK ME ANYTHING thing and I’m not just giving her a shout-out because she talked about me in her post. (Also, I’m posting this late, SO the link will be updated accordingly once she publishes the AMA post.)

I’ve been thinking more about ALT text, re: longer descriptions. I’ve been doing it because I like scenes to be painted? But in March or April, I edited the ALT text of my Facebook profile picture and it warned me about longer descriptions, so it’s made me think! I recently searched it, and…apparently using up to 125 characters is better because of some screen readers. Verbose descriptions are not accessible. I’m sooo guilty of this. 😳

And just like that, “move my Medium articles to my blog” is on my to-do list. Thanks for the 411, The Establishment.

Not sure how I feel about this, re: Caitlyn Jenner on Trump and LGBTQ Rights.

“Social media hygiene” sounds like a phrase an old fart trying to be trendy would come up with.

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I’m not even joking (you probably didn’t see it but), it was on my Instagram story because back in the 90s Shania was sexy without even taking all her clothes off. She was still fuckin’ COVERED. Also the song is one of my favourites from that era 😭

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The routine we did for it was so SASSY. 😏😙

And YES! She didn’t have to remove clothes to be sexy, it was just her?! My fave part, too.

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