“The L Word” girlfriend personality test

Another conversation out of context. Sort of.

Me: I’m going to give you some useful advice to save your life: The L Word test. It’s just for women, though. Mostly. Ask your future girlfriend which character is her favorite. If she says it’s Jenny, she’s not for you.

Bradyn: What the fuck?

Remy: Wait, what?

Me: The L Word is a show about lesbians, mostly for women. Jenny Schector is a manipulative psycho bitch. If a girl says Jenny’s her favorite, you run for the hills.

Bradyn: Okay, cool.

Me: And if her favorite is Shane McCutcheon, she’s gay. Any other character is fine.

Bradyn: Okay, got a question. How do you tell based on someone’s taste in music?

Just casually giving great, unsolicited relationship advice to two teen boys. 😏

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Both Shane and Jenny are my favourites. Shane is my favourite over all, and I just appreciate looking at Jenny.

Still haven’t finished the series though so this may change.

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