Who Killed Jenny Schector?

Over the course of the past week, whilst feeling shitty I took up another television series. I usually revert back to Netflix comas when I feel like there’s just a lot of pressure. This time I stumbled across The L Word and I watched all six seasons. It was a really great series, and the characters were so diverse and dynamic that it was one of those shows I think everyone could like [as long as they got past the lesbianism.].

The last season is all about Jenny’s death, and although the series ended five years ago, I’m actually really curious. My last Netflix coma was Dexter, and the ending wasn’t as mysterious as this series’. #spoileralert

I don’t really use Tumblr for text, and I often want to have an outlet for my fangirl moments — I’m going to have them on here now.


Throughout the entire series, Bette’s bouncing from one person to another. What’s ironic about her first affair is that it starts the same way she and Tina did. I actually really despised the way the writers wrote out the characters Bette had affairs with because so many of them were so interested in wanting her, making her cheat, etc. Does the common courtesy to leave someone who is in a relationship alone cease to exist in their heads? Bette’s entire existence annoyed me because I could never tell when she was actually telling the truth since she lied so much. In season six, Bette displayed so much anger with Jenny, and her history of unmanageable anger assists me in the assumption I have of her being the one who killed Jenny. In the last episode, Tina asked Bette if she saw Jenny, and she said no even though she had just been out there with her. It didn’t really make sense. Jenny had a way to ruin Bette’s redemption with her family, and Bette stated herself that she would do anything to keep that from happening. Bette had the most to lose.

Relationship-wise, I truly believe Bette needs to be single for like a year or two and learn to not be so controlling, but people don’t exactly tone the controlling bit of themselves down on their own, and she hates listening to people because she always thinks she’s right, so she’s just hopeless.


I really admire her for breaking up with Bette after the affair, and I admire her even more for standing up to Bette and not just letting her get away with it and giving in, because Bette was so abusive and I really felt sorry for Tina because she couldn’t realize it. I feel like it made Bette realize that she was in the wrong for more than just cheating, and Tina gained independence from Bette in the process since she wasn’t being controlled and treated like she couldn’t do anything by Bette anymore. Throughout the last three seasons, her relationship with Jenny was dynamic, and I couldn’t quite keep up with it. I struggled between actually calling them friends and just “friends” (quotes on purpose), or acquaintances. I don’t think Tina would kill Jenny because she’s honestly too good for that and is more of the ‘let’s-sit-and-talk-it-out-maturely’ type.

When they’re watching the video Jenny put together, Tina and Bette do act a bit strange, but I feel like that was just their normal strange. A theory people have is that Bette told Tina and that was why they were acting strange, but Tina would have been in tears because she doesn’t lie well. Bette can lie — she’s a cheater, and she’s pretty great at lying and having a poker face.


Although it was revealed that she burned down Wax, I found it so hard to believe because it wasn’t exactly her — it was unexpected, and I didn’t understand why she would have done it because I thought she really loved it.

I don’t think she killed Jenny — Jenny meant too much to her — but I think that despite Jenny’s faults they were meant to be together simply because Jenny really understood Shane, and Jenny was the type to really make Shane weak. I think Molly was the better fit for her, however, and I also think she was Shane’s second love. I think she only loved Jenny in a platonic sense — if romantically, then in the romantic it’s-so-NOT-meant-to-be sense because Jenny was a leech and Shane was a victim in the romantic relationship.


Although snobbish at first, Helena was one of my favorite characters throughout the show because no one truly grew and matured like she did, at least not for the better. Helena went from a rich, snobby/shallow brat to a genuine friend, and she even stayed as such when she returned to the rich status of hers. Since it was revealed that she never hid the money anywhere, it makes me wonder if she really bailed Dusty out and ran away with her or not. According to her mother, she did, but Helena never spoke of it, so I’m not sure if that was a lie. Even if it was, despite her criminalistic past, Helena’s more harmless than she is dangerous, and her relationship with Jenny was more of a love/hate one. I think going to jail whilst also poor really helped make her realize, as well as having to live without her mother’s money for a while. Buying Kit The Planet and SheBar really proved how great of a friend she is and how big of a heart she has (even though she wears the latter on her sleeve).


Max’s scenes were probably THE most awkward scenes I’ve ever watched on a show. I skipped past all the sex scenes (all characters) in the series because minutes of make out sessions didn’t satisfy me as much as the dialogue, but it didn’t help how awkward many of Max’s scenes were. I felt so sorry for him because Tom was an ass to him, and in a way I really wish he and Grace could have had some kind of breakup scene in an episode to give a conclusion of what happened to them — because he was a main character, and the main characters’ lives were followed throughout the series. He should have had more film time, methinks.~

Since he only said one truly negative thing throughout the entire series in the last episode, I find it utterly impossible that he could have killed Jenny.


She was so mad at Jenny, and a cop found her hiding in the bushes/trees/whatever, which I found suspicious. She was going to see Shane, and she just kept on talking and talking in front of the police — and I didn’t think she was that stupid — and revealed how Jenny treated Shane, making the situation worse in return. Nikki was upset because Jenny had said Shane had broken her heart, not Nikki, and Nikki had feelings of some weird kind for Shane. She was twisted, and she loved getting her way. She’d hidden the film of Lez Girls in Jenny’s attic with the thought of framing her in mind, so I really find it possible for her to have done it, but I still think Bette was the ‘most-likely-to-kill’ queen.


Alice is super sweet. Jenny stole Alice’s film treatment. Alice got pissed off. Who would blame her? Alice found her dead. Alice doesn’t use people, and she doesn’t do well with death — and she came back crying, like she just knew Jenny had died and, although it seemed weird, I really don’t see how she could have killed Jenny. A lot of people say Alice killed Jenny because she had the least to lose, but how does that give a person a reason to kill someone else? Usually people with the most to lose (Bette) are the ones who would do anything and everything they could to prevent themselves from losing whatever it was (e.g. family).

In the spin-off series The Farm, Alice was convicted of murdering Jenny, but the series creator Ilene Chaiken infers that it wasn’t Alice.


I think that she killed herself. Although she had recovered from a dark past and depression, ever since she published her book, she was extremely fragile even though she wouldn’t show it. It was sad, because she was like a never-ending spiral just rolling down a hill that never reached a flat ground. She was betrayed and broken by many people, and even though her personality was frustrating, she could be sweet when she wanted. Becoming a director and having her book go Hollywood completely changed her and brought out that self-centered aspect of her that teetered on the edge of becoming obvious. She started out as a better Bella Swan and turned into an evolved Jenny Schector.


I really wish Marina and Jenny had gotten some more film time together when they ran into each other later, because I think it could have helped explain how Jenny felt about her coming back. She never actually reacted, and if she did, we never got to see it.
Tasha wasn’t there, and I don’t think she’d kill someone for sport or just for Alice, or even at all, because of her background.
Kit didn’t really have a reason. o.-

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