Monthly Movies: December 2013

This should have posted last month, but it never did. 😮

Since I watched a lot this month, the little tidbits will differ greatly from what they usually are, as I’m really probably only going to say what I liked or didn’t like about them. c:

  1. Loving Anabelle — While the relationship is controversial, the Everything about this relationship is controversial. The “real” matter here[1. If that is the correct term.] is that the relationship between the student and the teacher is illegal. Many of the reviewers on Netflix focused on the couple themselves, not the fact that a teacher was sleeping with a student. Personally, I think they should have waited until their relationship was no longer student-teacher and they were just two people who knew each other. The antagonist was a jealous bitch who needed to just go. #sorrynotsorry
  2. The Lifeguard — At times I felt like I could relate because the protagonist was “lost”, but I also couldn’t because I wouldn’t purposely go into a romantic relationship with a minor[2. I say purposely because a minor fell for me, and I didn’t realize he had became obsessed and infatuated with me, and so I literally separated myself from him completely. I’d assumed he was just always that annoying. Heh.] (portrayed by David Lambert, who plays Brandon on The Fosters), and also because I don’t do drugs. Seeing David Lambert in this movie caused me to feel extremely disgusted at times because he’s not attractive to me at all. Kristin Bell is one of my favorite actors, though. (I mostly watched it for her.)
  3. Love Actually — I’d forgotten I’d seen this already and loved it, only realizing it way later into the movie when I had an epiphany that I realized what was happening and going to happen, and so on. #favoritemovie Not many romance movies make me cry, but this is one of them.
  4. Christmas Cupid — It was meh. I only watched it because of Ashley Benson; Chad Michael Murray is eh, and Christina Milian annoys me (her acting is so awful). They think they’re being clever by calling it “Ex-mas” instead of Christmas. It’s like saying YOLO. It’s annoying.
  5. Sarah’s Choice — A woman gets pregnant and doesn’t know what to do; all the while, people at work are telling her to get an abortion, and her family is telling her to keep it because she has to. She’s “visited by the Lord” for three nights, in dreams. It’s kind of really cheesy, and I think the script could have been better, but the movie was nice. People forget that everyone has a choice to make in the end and that it’s not necessarily because of the law — just like we choose which bank to use or what religion to follow[3. Unless you’re in a cult, heh.] or whether we want cheese with our whine. (Do you want cheese with yours?)
  6. The Lake Effect — This indie movie was totally sweet! Rather than sugar-coating the mundane, this movie went with the flow and actually displayed some real life situations. Kay Panabaker played the protagonist; it was nice to see her in a more serious movie setting because I’d only seen her in Cyberbully, which was serious, but more teen-y. It’s fun to grow up with stars. :*
  7. Switchmas — This movie was very similar to The Holiday, but with kids whose immediate family didn’t really understand the importance of kids being with their families. Even if this wasn’t a Christmas movie, it would have made a great movie in general as far as the movie genre of kids-with-busy-parents-who-care-more-about-their-job-than-they-do-their-kids goes. The main plot is about a Jewish kid wanting to celebrate Christmas being sent to Florida and a boy who lives with his mother, who has a boyfriend, being sent to Washington. The parents are more annoying than the cheesiness is.
  8. Dear Santa — Rich girl pines after man who runs a soup kitchen because she found a letter to Santa that was written by his daughter. If you can get past the annoyingly creepy stalking she participates in whilst pining after this family, it’s actually a really cute movie.
  9. What Maisie Knew — This stars Julianne Moore, the woman I used to pretend was my mom, so when I realized this (as it was first starting), I got all excited to be watching my mom in another one of her movies. :p This movie was so powerful, and it resonated with me on a personal level.

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I love Love Actually! It’s one of my favourite films. My favourite story’s the one with Colin firth, where he learns to speak another language for the woman he stayed with. So cute!

And have you ever seen/read Notes on a Scandal?? That’s about a teacher who falls for her student. Part of me felt really sorry for her, but the other part was just a bit like ‘that’s weird’. I don’t think you can completely get behind a character if they’re engaging in something so morally wrong.

I have loads of films I want to watch but never get round to it. I can’t wait until I have more free time to do it. Great post.