My Favorite Snail Mail Subscriptions

Before 2013 ended I attempted to find subscription boxes I liked and could recommend. It’s a bit costly, really, especially if you lack a constant income, so I ended that ‘project’.

Anyway, I’ll share my current three, also known as my favorite three, or favorites altogether considering I don’t really like any others I’ve tried that aren’t on this list. If Goodies Company had not shut down, they would [of course] be on this list. But they did.


I have my boxes set to come four weeks apart simply because having them come weekly each month ends up being about $20 a month, more or less. Sometimes if I’m craving it, I’ll set it to come ASAP, but I don’t do this often. Other times I’ll order a box instead of buying a domain because it’s cheaper, and the treat is more delicious than a domain name I most likely won’t ever use.
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Love With Food

They send a nice selection of goodies! Some may be full-sized while others may be sample-sized, but it’s still all really good. Included are matching coupons with exclusive discounts. Plus, one box equals one meal donated to a hungry child in the US.
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Toothbrush Subscriptions

Dentists recommend toothbrushes be changed every three months. But it’s so hard and meh to remember, and it’s easily something to put off.
The site appears to still be in some kind of progress, but it’s still open. They keep adding more stuff, and they sent me out a survey to fill out after I ordered my first toothbrush. I have my subscription set to every three months. I got the $3 toothbrush, and I received it on the 10th, and I kind of like it more than my Colgate 360° brush. This subscription’s probably the most convenient one I’ve ever come across.

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Comments on this post

Interesting – I’ve never heard of these 🙂 Sounds pretty neat!

I’d love to subscribe to something like but at the moment there’s not enough money for indulgences like that, I prefer to occasionally go art supply shopping in person or buy books 🙂

However, a toothbrush subscription?! That’s genius! I totally keep forgetting when to change them, this idea is fantastic!

While they all look interesting, the toothbrush subscription makes so much sense! I never remember to change my toothbrush, having a service like that would be so much better! Whoever thought of that is a genius! I’d love to subscribe to things like this, but I don’t get a steady enough income, but as soon as I do I think I’ll do a toothbrush subscription!

That’s not to say I don’t like the idea. 😀

Change of season=change of toothbrush or else I would never remember! haha

There are a few I would like to try but it’s really the money that is holding me back. Not that I don’t have it but I’m always really afraid to spend. Always. I did want to try graze though. I think it was a post that you did about one of the boxes that got me interested.

I see a lot of people trying Graze! I can see how the costs would add up, but these seem fun to try.

The toothbrush subscription is a good idea! I often get lazy about changing my toothbrush, and then I forget how long I’ve been using it. Doing a subscription would force me to change it on time, haha.

I’ve been wanting to try subscription boxes for a while now. But like with you, price is definitely a factor. There are just too many out there to try and I cannot afford to try them all. Plus, there is chance you won’t like what you get in them. I’ll have to think some more on trying one.

I’d be subscribed to so many more things too if it weren’t for the price. I remember the Graze box back when it first launched. That was delicious, heh, but it was pretty pricey. I saw you post about the toothbrush subscription a couple days ago and that was so surprising! For some reason, I thought toothbrushes would be the last subscription thing anyone would come up with but it does make a lot of sense. 😛

Ah, I wish these existed in Australia! We have similar things but only for fresh produce (organic vegetables and fruits).

I am so with you on the cost factor. There are so many boxes I would like to try, but they just don’t make sense budget-wise (especially since I’m so picky with food, etc). However, the graze boxes you used to get always sounded awesome! I also liked the philanthropy connected with purchasing from them.