Jane Lately #51: The trunk-or-treat, the daycare experience, & the lesbian dating pool

I don’t care that it’s bad acting/writing/whatever the popular poll says, this is so many things I never knew I needed from Ruby Rose.

1. Small towns take trunk-or-treat contests seriously. πŸŽƒ

Like, really seriously. Char and I didn’t know that going in. Also, it wound up being a table-or-treat, but at the end of the night, our Alice in Wonderland-themed booth won second place!

Solara wore an Alice costume, Iah a Chesire Cat costume. Charlise and I wore themed tops and leggings; Charlise matched Iah, while I matched Solara using Charlise’s top. She got both at Hot Topic, which makes me super keen to shop there in the future.

Solara was a perfect Alice, making a mess with the tea party decor and acting curioser and curioser.

The checkered background made for a great photo backdrop, so I couldn’t help snapping some selfies!

Me holding Iah dressed in a Chesire Cat costume

I was so happy my LAQA & Co. shipment arrived with my purple lip crayon, Menatour. It gives my lips a red violet tint, but my Huda Beauty metallic lip gloss layered atop creates a purple shine — it went so well with my outfit.

2. Was legit employed & excited about it at what I thought could be my “dream job” until my actual dream job became available.

I started working at a daycare. By the end of Day 2, I hated my job. Day 3, I was legit contemplating leaving mid-shift. Day 4, it was obvi: I had to quit. I texted my boss and explained my decision after my shift. I promised to stay on until she found someone else or I was offered another position.

It was so terrible that my last resort workplace looked like butterflies and rainbows…and so, I’m working at Walmart again. It’s full-time, which is great — I need full-time income. πŸ™Œ It’s also going better. I think last time, the issue was more the location and lack of training of what to do in the event of a) manager abusing his power and b) feeling unsafe in a work environment. This location has lots of people saying great things about it and the staff seem to have a better camaraderie rather than an everyone-for-themselves mentality.

3. I joined OkCupid. πŸ’˜

The lesbian dating scene is a pool, not a sea. It’s so tiny. It’s even tinier if you’re more attracted to masculine-of-center women (πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ) than femme types. I also wanted to find some fellow women-loving-women in my vicinity. πŸ‘­

Charlise recommended it to me, saying it’s where she met Brian. I’m not interested in U-Hauling, I just want to find friends and possibly a girlfriend. πŸ˜…

Of all the other dating sites, OkCupid seems more promising. Facebook’s new Dating feature piqued my interest, but I don’t recommend it: I kept getting notified that men liked me and being shown profiles of men regardless of my preferences. πŸ™„

So far, OkCupid would be amazing if only it would allow me to choose to opt out of seeing profiles where people are looking for unicorns, and if it would keep men from pretending to be women.

4. No more posting until the 31st!

Although I want to blog, I’m also settling in at my full-time job — so most of my energy is going there. The straggler days leading up to the new year are typically busy, anyway, so enjoy your time with your family, chosen family, friends, etc. because that’s what I’ll be doing!

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I’m sorry to hear that the first job didn’t work out, but congrats on getting a better, full-time job in the end! πŸ™‚ Good luck on that and I hope everything goes smoothly!

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