The email struggle of letting domains go

I’ve silently let some domains go recently. I had to drop a beloved one in February, but…I’m oddly fine with that? I couldn’t afford to renew it at the time, because I had other things I needed to worry about, and…I feel fine. Someone else with the time and resources can take it over now, should they wish to. And I’m fine. I do miss it, though.

But I’ve noticed a problem: once I’m past the emotional attachment, I have to consider the technical attachment—the emails. At the time, they all seemed really necessary. I had an email addiction. Instead of changing emails between (it was difficult to get that one even though I’m in Texas),, and, I began switching between my domains. Cleaning them out and changing my account information to my main email account with Gmail has been, well, tedious—so much so that I renewed, even though I didn’t want to, for another year.

I don’t even understand my logic anymore. Why did I think it would be a good idea to use my domain email for even doctors’ offices? I thought I’d have them for forever. But I knew I secretly hated them, so why did I still think I’d have them forever? Because my abuser bought an old domain and tried to make me look bad. So I decided I couldn’t let them expire.

But I don’t care anymore. I’m not going to waste my money on things I neither need nor want solely to keep someone else from wasting their time and money.

I just don’t care anymore. I’ve been trying to choose my battles more, and I’ve realised how little I actually want to fight in this department. I’m so tired of fighting. I’m ending the cycle; I want to end the cycle. It’s another reason I want to adopt; on my end, my mother’s bloodline will end. But I digress.

If I could go back, I’d tell my younger self not to sign up for all the things and not to use emails at a domain I’m unlikely to actually keep for a long time. Really, who needs all these email accounts? I could have made folders instead of email accounts for each different thing. I understand needing separate TCG email accounts, but separate email accounts for personal emails vs. subscription emails is too much. I don’t even read them.

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I used to use my email for everything because I thought I would have the domain for ever. I had people ask me, ‘ooh, what is’ and I just said it’s my website. The question got annoying though. I didn’t feel like it was people’s business especially if they did not know me.

Now that I own I don’t feel like I will be letting go of the domain at any point in the near future so I generally use the same address for everything, but with filters. I am not a fan of Gmail and won’t ever be getting an account there anymore. I used an iCloud one briefly but it was only for very important information. I changed that to my account instead.

I may have said this before but I consider email to be ephemeral, I just delete any email I am done with since it’s unlikely that I will go back to read it again. I usually print or save important documents and don’t ‘store’ them in my email. I don’t like to be too dependent on email and I agree that changing your contact information can be annoying.

I only use my domain e-mails for website-related purposes so my visitors can contact me. Everything else is tied to my Apple ID. lol.

That sucks that you had a stalker who bought an old domain to slander you. UGH. I’m sorry that people are so LAME.

Agh, I don’t have an Apple ID. :s I try to tie everything to my Gmail or address, though. 🙂

Meh, since he bought it with his boss’ information and I reported it to ICANN for having been registered out of ill faith, he lost the job and, eventually, the domain, so…#winning. 😉

I know what you mean, I switched domains and had to deal with changing my email for EVERYTHING. It was literally a nightmare but I managed to get it done. My old email had my maiden name and now, I just use my new email, the one in the email provided box as something I use for my domain, personal things, and even work things. I don’t need my maiden name email any longer.

I’m…such a slacker, so this domain I’m moving everything from is one that expires…well…at midnight. :s