Liz Lately #22

Since I experienced technical issues in June and fell into a personal slump in July, I fell behind on a lot of posts I meant to write, or at least publish, so August will consist of me playing catch-up. I also missed the previous two Day in the Life posts, so that sucks. I considered putting one up for July last minute, but it didn’t feel totally right, so I didn’t.

I’m totally digging this song:


I’ve done fairly well in dropping them! I’m quite proud of myself. Of the current domains I have and am keeping, the following is what my list will look like once I’m finished:

Now that I’m using, I’m letting go instead of renewing it next year.

I’ve done well, and within the next year I’ll be registering the rest of my web series-related domains so they’re at least reserved. ??

No-Pain-Meds Experiment

Going without pain meds for a month was more along the pain-meds-are-expensive-and-I’m-trying-to-save lines, followed by the attempt at proving to myself (and others) I am better than the pain. I mean, that’s what those “Heal Pain Naturally” how-to articles are all about, no?

But the more I went without ibuprofen, the more my body pains began to took over. I still have pain from my fall in February. I keep having to remind myself my knees hit concrete full-on and that it wasn’t just an “Oh, I fell off my bike, so now I have scraped knees” moment for me. My knees hurt, and I guess that eventually translated back down to my ankles, because now there is an annoying dull pain going on, similar to what I usually experience with my knees in general, sans the February falling incident.

It feels like carpal tunnel is in my ankles. So hey, you know what? I’m back on pain meds, and I’m not faking the pain. I tried the head thing, and I tried using just ice or some sports-strength pain-relieving creme, but sometimes a person needs actual medicine to at least relieve something, especially when they’re so hypersensitive they can feel their leg hair growing in. I mean, usually if a person is crying because of their pain, they’re actually in pain and not making it up right? ? And I’m tired of being in so much pain I feel sick, so whatever. ? They’re not placebos.

Post series tidbits

In preparing to change my blog to Janepedia (yes, I will link to the goodbye 6birds post any chance I get for a bit so as to avoid total confusion), I made a list of the types of posts I already created, then those I wished to mix into my blog were worked in accordingly.

I found patterns in the types of posts I was creating and wanting to create, then put them into series. For example, “Sister Tips” was inspired by a web series I’m writing, but it can also work inline with the direction in which I want to move, both with my life and my blog: I’m the oldest of all my siblings, and I’m trying to be the person I needed when I was younger. So it kinda works, maybe? If nothing else, it’ll be great for, like, non-sleazy, zero-attempt series marketing. ? Sometimes it’s satirical, sometimes it’s serious.

Either way, it also helps as indirect plot development, so there is that. ?

I’ve also changed my link love post series to “Saturday Six”, as a tribute to 6birds, and will try to post an autism-related post at least once every third Tuesday (so…on “Autism Tuesday”, because Tuesdays sound cool, hence why they’re my fave). Really, I want everything on Tuesdays, but obviously that is not realistic and if every day was Tuesday 1 through Tuesday 7, it might confuse some people.

After I saw Vaxxed, and after the drama following it, I started to feel ashamed of my autism and wondered, “What right do I have talking about it, since obviously mine isn’t ‘bad enough’?” And I don’t want to go into too much detail about it here, because I already got it out elsewhere, but…I’m really trying with the confidence thing. I’m not one to fish, but hearing how my posts on autism help someone gives me a dab of hope that hey, maybe I’m not a lost cause after all. Also, why take away 1) something I enjoy doing and 2) some others may look forward to just because an outside party has a problem with it? It’s not fair to either of the former two parties.

And I tried not to end on a morbid note, but…well, it’s a part of my personality. (You were gonna find out eventually.) ?

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There was a time I was really against pain medication, especially for my period. But then the periods got really, really painful, and it was much harder to stand. I was just using scented beanbags to ease the pain but then I had to get some really strong medication called naprogesic.

I used to think I was strong when it came to something as simple as headaches… but I think one day in the past couple of years I just felt weaker than I was before.