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As time goes on, there will be other metaphorical Easter eggs as part of a tribute of sorts to 6birds, I guess. The site was such a huge part of my life for so long that leaving it behind and not looking back feels so wrong and dirty. My link love series is one of these, for example. “Lizard Finds” felt wrong because it turns out I’m terrified of lizards. Saturday Six is more personal and is a way of allowing 6birds to live on. It also limits me to six major link points, which, let’s face it: is what I could use sometimes (re: a limit).

I created a survey and would love for you to fill it out! Everything is optional, and I know it’s a little flawed (I’ve not been posting about food much lately), but whatevs. It’s mostly to satisfy my curiosity and all that jazz and collect Qs for a Q&A post. You can also just tweet me @ijanelively or email me your questions for the Q&A if you’d like. ?

August 2014: A letter to the editors of The Washington Post asking where the empathy is for autistic children is published, written by a parent of both an autistic adult and an autistic child.
“When your reaction to this type of abuse is to defend abusers and not victims, something is wrong with you.”

I’m a regular blogger for Choose to Cook, an upcoming food magazine. My latest post talks about my allergy testing process, and I’m noticing there are autistic themes in my posts thus far, so if you like reading my posts on autism, you might like some of my posts on C2C as well.

Last year, I wanted to signup for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, but other things happened and caused me to miss the signup date—plus, I was super nervous about the idea of joining and intimidated by a lot of the other bloggers who’d participated since I’d first learned about it in 2013. It’s an annual event and helps raise money for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

The Gluten-Free and Allergen-Friendly Expo (GFAF Expo) is coming to Dallas in September this year. ? I’m always most excited for this one, because there is such a variety of vendors. With this being my third year in a row, I also have come to know a lot of the vendor reps that go—like the Aussies from Freedom Foods, for example—and enjoy hearing the stories behind their new products. It gives a bit of a homey feeling. ❤ I’m also going as a press person again this year, so I have ticket discounts: ADVANCE will get you 20 percent off. Tickets sold via Eventbrite (affiliate link).

Lastly, A Beautiful Mess posted an inexpensive DIY for marble shelving, and #IWantItAll.

What cool stuffs have you found lately? Have you ever heard of the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap?

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Nice finds. 😀 I took your survey, hope it helps. In the end I think you should post whatever it is you want to share. /cookie

I took your survey. I’m not a regular reader of your blog.

Cookie swap? I want to find out more about that. In the meantime, slow down. Breathe – smell the tulips – more slowly.

Why do I need to slow down? Where in this post do I mention anything about being stressed/needing to slow down? It’s a link love post…?

Yay! I’ve done the Food Bloggers Cookie Swap before – so fun!

I haven’t heard about this cookie swap. You seem to be very busy. Don’t forget to take time for you.

I always look forward to your expo post afterwards! I love seeing all of the amazing allergy friendly foods and snacks. I also like getting to know some of the vendors because usually animal friendly and gluten free go hand in hand. I like the Saturday Six. It has a nice ring to it, and I’ll always hold 6birds in my heart too. <3

Haha, that’s so cool. 😀 The GFAF Expo is definitely how I learn about new products vendors I love have, especially since the suburbs have such limited selections and I only go to their websites on occasion. I meant to blog about the fest in Austin, but…it was really hard, because most of the vendors were local…and not all of them had websites. They were also kinda weird about pictures, so I didn’t get many. Also, I benefited little from it, because it wasn’t as helpful (having to ask for ingredients vs. having an infocard displaying the allergens makes a HUGE difference in terms of inconvenience vs. convenience), and there wasn’t a nut-free section. I…kinda need a nut-free section. SO, I’m looking forward to this one…and not just because my favorite allergy-free cereal will be sold at a discount. ?

But I feel similar to yeast-free/nut-free products and gluten-free products. :3


This is a good idea to convert Lizard Finds to Saturday Six 🙂 Having a limit is a good idea because it does allow us to not go overboard with things at times!

I’ll do your survey!