Liebster Award vol. 2

I’ve received these in the past, but I don’t think I did them… I know I haven’t done any in a while. I might have replied on the actual blog post instead of continuing the chain, so I’m sorry to those who nominated/awarded me and didn’t get an entry to go up for their thing… I was lazy/I suck/etc.

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is given to up-and-coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. So… WTF is a Liebster Award?! “Liebster” is German for “sweetheart”, “dearest”… all things lovely. Isn’t that cheesy? Blogging is a great way to create connections with other bloggers who want to, like, participate in world domination someday. Gotta get to know those future minions somehow. 😉

…I passed the award badge through TinyPNG, and Idunno what happened when I was writing the explanation. >.>

I was elected by Lotte and Louise. If I missed you, do let me know. All the contents in this entry, save answers to Louise’s questions, were written in July.

Lotte’s questions

01. If you could abandon everything, no strings attached, where would you go?

I would go on a road trip. I would hope I could go with someone else, though—traveling alone scares me, as there have been a few incidences in the past that were not so great and involved me being alone whilst traveling. Even though I’m older, I’m too paranoid to travel alone.

I want to go back to San Antonio and Austin just to see it as an adult now. When I moved, Round Rock was just starting construction on a huge intersection near the Walmart on Louis Henna Blvd., which is now all built up. I think it would be cool to see it completed, as well as the rest of the city. I’ve been to the Texas State Capitol before, but I was a kid, and my cousin Shane and I just enjoyed playing hide-and-seek with each other, heh. San Antonio is also pretty, and… I just want to enjoy the cities again. I didn’t get to enjoy them for their history/beauty/etc. when I was younger, because I didn’t how how to enjoy them.

And I have loads of friends from Austin. I’m friends with almost everyone I knew in middle school on Facebook, and… I was in Pflugerville/Austin/Round Rock during that time. (I went to Pflugerville Middle School for sixth grade, and then Westview Middle School for grades seven and eight, if any Austin peeps are curious.)

02. What’s your favourite (or one of your favorite) memory?

The time Amigo got his front hooves stuck in a child’s bed frame. I didn’t tell the story as well as I could have, but… blame PTSD for my memory loss. I do it all the time.

03. What games did you play as a child?

Erm… I played the “usual” of jump rope, tag, hide-and-seek, and the unfortunate Duck, Duck, Goose! game that might as well have been the horrendous, much-dreaded Popcorn reading game. I really liked Four Square, but it was only allowed at Thousand Oaks Elementary School (T.O.E.S.), of all the schools I went to… schools thereafter and before didn’t allow it for some reason. (Yet they allowed dodgeball??!!)

04. What’s your favourite season?

Winter, when the air is easier to breathe, and it is not HOT.

I can finally wear shorts comfortably during the wintertime.

05. What’s a hobby/activity you have not had the chance to try yet, but would like to?

I tried playing the piano as a kid, and I was kind of goodish at it, but I got bored with it… Maybe cake and cookie decorating? I can paint and work with other art class-related mediums, and I feel like it would be so cool to put that onto, like, a cake or a cookie. (hint-hint)

06. If you were a character from a movie, which character would it be and from which movie?

UMMM. There are a few, but right now, this year, I like to think I would be Tinker Bell—from the Tinker Bell movies. BECAUSE TINK. She wears a green dress and is just so adorable… I really hope they are making MORE Tinker Bell movies. -.-

07. What are your three favourite books?

Oh, geez. I haven’t read in a long while, but…

  • Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo
  • Shadow Children (series) by Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • Who Killed My Daughter? by Lois Duncan

The latter novel is pretty amazing… it’s about the murder of her eighteen-year-old daughter, but in it is revealed that many of her mystery fiction novels are based on the fears of what could have happened/inspired by what happened/etc. I thought it was cool to read about how she came to write several of her novels.

08. Do you have a set morning routine?

I… erm…

  1. Sleep..

09. If you could make a t-shirt with a quote on it, what quote would you put on it?

You know, I actually have a list of really snarky lines for tees somewhere… but I guess, for this question, I’d put something about my age on it. “Looks can be deceiving”, “Older than you think”… or maybe something more simple, like “no”.

10. What inspires you most to write a blog post?

I get the best ideas in the shower… Similarly to a PTSD flashback, sometimes, random things (e.g. objects, events) may trigger ideas.

11. What would your ideal home be, a city apartment, a house in the suburbs, or a rural house?

I mean, I want a rural house, but… I kind of want to live in two places—I want to actually own property here in Texas someday, but I want to live elsewhere, in the city. Maybe I’ll have an apartment there, maybe not.

Louise’s questions

01. If you had to choose, would you prefer a vacation in a very hot or very cold location? (You can’t pick “warm”.)

Very cold. Since I don’t necessarily know the allergens present in the area, it’s best to visit a location with dormant trees and/or flowers, as they’ve lower pollen/dust/tree allergen counts, thus making breathing easier for Yours Truly!

02. Which is best: Pudding, jelly (jello) or frozen yoghurt?

Jello, though I hate to admit it? Ever since learning the origins of gelatin thanks to the food show that reveals what’s in our favorite foods, I’ve been turned off by gelatin-including things. However, vegetable, nut-free gelatin is difficult to come by, so I can’t exactly make my own—which means I’m stuck between ick and good-for-me. Jello has, like, nutrients that are otherwise difficult for me to get, and, um, Pedialite is too sweet for me to handle… (I even dilute toddler apple juice, you guys.)

03. If you had a superhero power, what would it be?

I’d be like Malina from Heroes Reborn, with elemental control—i.e. I would be able to manipulate and control the elements.

I would be so similar to a character I gave superhero powers to. XD

04. What one thing does the world need more of?

Acceptance. You don’t have to love everything, but with more acceptance—or at least tolerance—there would be less, well, hatred and chaos, and maybe more peace?

05. What one thing does the world need less of?


06. What is the last thing or person you took a photo of?

07. Google’s new logo, love it or hate it?

The font might as well be Comic Sans, because it’s humorless and reminds me of daycare.

08. If you could be on TV for any reason, what would that be?

  • Ellen really, really, REALLY admired my blog?
  • I’m a published author & peeps can’t quit talking about my book.
  • It’s a Selena Gomez performance & I’m one of her dancers.

(I can dream.)

09. If you could be granted infinite amounts of one food, resource or material, what would that be?

Potatoes. I read a study about people being able to survive off potatoes. Alternatively, carrots, because they have a steady water ratio, so I’d have food and a drink in one.

10. What is the most recent song that played on your radio or device?

Britney Spears’ [uncensored] “Work B**ch”. ‘Cause I was needing to finish ADOJ, and that makes me feel the need to be productive…

11. If you were given $5000 to donate to a charity, who would you give it to? (You can only pick one.)

FARE or ASAN…probably the latter, because it could help autistic families, and I feel like that’s slightly more important than food allergy research/education, because the other resource for autistic families is the infamous Autism $peaks.

My nominations and questions

This is my attempt to nominate peoples who have not yet been nominated, which… ._. BLEH.

  1. Who is your favorite Disney villain, and why are they your favorite?
  2. Who’s your favorite musician?
  3. The year is 2115: What is the world like?
  4. What is your favorite font at the time of reading this question?
  5. Do you have any hidden talents you can share? (Yes, please!)
  6. If you were a bird, which would you be?
  7. What is your most favorite household chore (and why)?
  8. Create a character and briefly describe them.
  9. Your TV series is finally going live! Which television network signed it, what is the title of it, and what is it about?
  10. Complete the sentence: When life gives you lemons…
  11. What television/movie character do you relate to most?

Nominations: Stephanie, Christine… I don’t know anyone else who hasn’t done this recently. :s LIV?!

If you wanna do this, feel free, even if you weren’t listed above, and even if it’s just as a comment.

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That would be great if you could go back there. I know what you mean about traveling alone. I have issues with that too. Maybe you will be able to find someone that can go with you and see everything. 😀

I have never been able to understand dodgeball. It seems like such a dangerous and potentially threatening game. I am not sure if they play it in schools in Australia now, but it was never a thing when I was a kid.


Tinker Bell you would be so great. 😀

It would be so good to have two houses sometimes. Especially if they were in contrasting environments. City apartment for when you want to ‘work’ or connect with a lot of stuff and a rural house for the peace and space.

Like you, the elemental super power has always interested me. Maybe because I also liked Storm from X-Men. xD

You need to write a book. Now plz. 😀

Round Rock and Austin have changed a lot over the past several years! It’d be cool if you came back to see how they are now 🙂 I remember playing so much Four Square when I was young. That’s odd that schools didn’t allow it. It doesn’t seem like it was a dangerous game, unlike other things children played (like Red Rover).

Totally agree on the “not hot” thing when it comes to a favorite season. Mine is autumn! And I love cake decorating. Definitely recommend giving it a try if you have a chance. It’s nice being able to make edible art 😉

haha, I’d buy a shirt that said, “Older than you think”! People still mistake me for a college student even though I’m not in my 20s anymore.

I think Acceptance is a great answer on the thing the world needs more of. I really think there would be less hatred and violence if people were more accepting of things that differ from their beliefs.

Potatoes remind me of The Martian where the main character survives on potatoes 🙂 Plus, they’re quite tasty.

When I left Round Rock, they were building a highway/intersection near the Walmart and Dunkin’ Donuts and all those places; I’d just finished eighth grade. Those two cities are the only ones where I’d actually made friends, and it didn’t matter how weird I was or how weird they were? It was awesome. 😀 If/When I go to visit, though, I might wind up staying for a week just to reunite with as many friends as possible. XD

(And maybe some blog ones. There are a ton of blog friends living in Austin. :o)

My grandmother has loads of cake and cookie decorating tools, and knows how to, so maybe she can teach me. 😀 And I always love your decorating tutorials!