SMGF: November 2015

I applied to review Send Me Gluten Free again and was accepted. 🙂 It’s about a year later that I’m trying it again. They still send at least one full-sized product in their boxes; this box doesn’t include lifestyle products like their former ones have—I’m not sure if it’s a constant now or if it’s just for this month. (It’s not a bad thing; it’s just a note.)

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  • Cooksimple Meals’ Tamale Pie ($4.99) — I’ve not yet tried this, but it sounds good? When I make it, though, I’ll exclude the extra tomatoes. I wouldn’t be totally against trying their Alfredo boxed dinner next! Judging from the ingredients of a few of their meals, Cooksimple meals are healthy, just like they claim, and the meals are easy…they remind me of the Banquet Homestyle Bakes, in a way. The Tamale Pie looks like it could be made vegan if you switched out the cheese and honey for something else and used an egg alternative; the addition of the meat is optional. ^^;
  • Deep River Snacks in Sweet Maui Onion ($0.96) — I really liked these; they’re sweet and remind me of Funyuns. I’m just not big on kettle chips; they’re really crunchy, and I prefer a more subtle crunch.
  • Sea Salt Bean Stalks ($2.99) — I really like these. They’re similar to veggie straw chips, but are [obviously] made with beans. I wouldn’t be totally against trying their BBQ or cheddar flavor; the sea salt package is the easiest to find—their other flavors are the ones I’m struggling with.
  • Schar Artisan White Bread — This bread has a sponge-like texture, similar to that of a bagel. Whilst my problem with bread lies in the yeast, I wouldn’t be against eating more of it, as it tastes nice and isn’t smaller than “regular” bread. My only concern is the lack of preservatives claim; yeast, although likely the rising agent here, is also a preservative and often used as such to preserve the flavor/freshness of something. The way their bread is packaged is in an airy, clear, plastic bubble; you can’t squish it. :p (Price is unknown because I don’t remember the ounces of my package and cannot find a price on Amazon for it, anyway.
  • Kratos in Original ($2.84) — The texture of this is different. It’s like a healthier beef jerky. At the GFAF Expo, samples of these were handed out, but having a full-sized package of this allowed me to actually gather the full flavor and texture experience. Was it good? Yes. I just think the price is too expensive for a box of these; I can (and would rather) make 24 granola bars at a much less price than a box of Kratos bars.
  • NoGii Protein D’Lites Cookies & Crème Dream Single Bar ($1.25) — This tastes like a mix between cookies & cream ice cream and an Oreo, and I feel like purchasing a few so I can recreate it, but in an allergen-friendly version? The flavor was pretty amazing; they just share equipment with nuts/have peanuts in their other products, and I’d like to be careful. 😉

Other contents (too much soy/yeast and/or has nuts): Full Flavor Beef Soup Stock ($3.80), Hope Bars Vegan Maple Cinnamon ($3.50), Teeccino Chicory Herbal Tea in Dandelion Dark Roast & Dandelion Caramel Nut ($1.09).


I was surprised to find a NoGii bar that wasn’t made with nuts, because I’ve actually been wanting to try them for a while!

The total of this box comes out to $21.42, not including the price of the Schar bread, as it was (and still is) unknown. Excluding the cost of shipping and handling, this therefore makes the box value at least $1.57 more than what you actually pay. However, like with MunchPak, I feel like the value of Send Me Gluten Free extends further, because you’re receiving a bundled-up variety of tasty gluten-free products, with a featured item in each box; I’ve not seen as much of a variety elsewhere yet!

A lot of these brands are also at the Expo, so…it’s literally like having the expo come to you, which I think it really cool.

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EEEEEEKKKK! I’m so excited about this giveaway! I was diagnosed with Celiac disease about a month ago and I have been struggling to find yummy gluten-free options. This gives me some new ideas about what to buy at the supermarket and what might be worth trying.

Thanks so much for your review of the box!

Ah! I can relate as far as finding friendly food options go! I’m also making a list of allergy-friendly (including gluten-free) items that actually taste good as soon as I can get reorganized after this holiday mess. I won’t be able to list a lot of gluten-free beauty & hygiene products, though, because they tend to have nuts; however, my girl Christine has a lot of gluten-free brands listed on her cruelty-free list, which I occasionally look over for allergy-friendly products myself. c:

Good luck in the giveaway!

(Also, good luck in finding things at the supermarket! There are a lot of weird, non-tasty gluten-free products out there. 😐 But I promise there are many tasty ones, also.)

Thank you for the advice! I have discovered some of the gluten-free oddities in the supermarket, but I’ve been lucky enough to have quite a few resources on good gluten free things.It’s wonderful to have so many blogs online with gluten free recipes and advice.