MunchPak: October 2015 (and it’s nut-free-friendly!)

I think my new favorite subscription box arrived at my front door—technically, it did. Mike from MunchPak emailed me about sending a box [free], and I accepted (ahem, read my disclaimer). (I almost declined, because I’ve been getting the strangest offers lately, but their website seemed legit. Also, they’re nut allergy-friendly, meaning they will try to send you a nut-free box if nuts are what you do not prefer.)

MunchPak: October 2015

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I received a Umaibo Corn Puff Vegetable Salad Flavor, a Choco Pie from Lotte/Happy Promise, Bourbon Petit Soft Choco Cookies (Shittori), Mini Zombie Nitro Flavor Takis from Mexico (habanero and cucumber), a package 7 Days Bake Rolls (cheese), a 7 Days Double Max (vanilla flavor & strawberry fillings), a pouch of Velikovi Salt Sticks with Olives, a pouch of Haribo Starmix, a bag of Wellmade Chewies (fruit-filled), and a box of Lotte Kancho Choco Biscuits.

My box was surprisingly entertaining, and it was put together by Karen. :3

MunchPak is a subscription service that sends out boxes of snacks from around the world on a monthly basis. They ship internationally, and I imagine the international boxes may contain USA-based snacks.

Of all the snacks in the box, only three had tree nuts in them. I really enjoyed the fruit chews and the Bourbon Petit Soft Choco Cookies (purple package), which tasted like brownies. The cheesy paprika vegetable salad stick (clown-looking character in polka dots next to the Takis) was so great, and I was too excited to wait for my camera to turn on that I ate it first…and then I kept eating it. I really love cheese, so. My bad, I just learned it was vegetable salad-flavored. I still want more! >.> ‘Tis not like I could help it.

I snapped a pic of it before it was opened, however, via my phone:

Whilst I find the value of international snacks I can’t easily find elsewhere far outweighs the difference of the actual value of the box, the actual value of this box, a MunchPak Original, is $20. The cost of a MunchPack Original is $19.95 and includes 10+ full-sized products/mo.

It’s quite rare to find subscription box companies who are up for catering to those who can’t have nuts, and these people try—and they do deliver.

The lowest price of a nut-free, or almost nut-free, snack box of merely 5 sample-to-full-sized products I have found in all my searching is literally the price of a MunchPak Original. The lowest price of a nut-free, or almost nut-free, snack box of 5 full-sizes products I have ever found is $23.99.

In a sea of subscription boxes that are ALL about the nuts, MunchPak is that rare commodity that is the lowest costing nut-free-friendly subscription box, and I would subscribe to them. I’m on a short subscription sabbatical right now because holidays, but don’t be mega-surprised if you see more posts featuring MunchPak on here, because…well, #nutfree.

Also, it’s like getting to travel the world without ever leaving your room, or flying…if you’re afraid of flying.

From now until 16th October, you can try a MunchPak Mini for $4.95 using “MM65464”.


I’ll update this if/when there is a new coupon available. 🙂

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