Life Update #18

I got a new nightlight, or at least an additional nightlight, because I did this cool thing only I seem to be able to do, wherein I hurt myself after dark. I have no idea how it happened, but many people think my tendency to navigate the house in the dark is to blame.

This nightlight is so bright it makes my room look like it’s fully lit when the door is closed and you’re on the outside of it. I looked. Inside, it’s bright enough to keep me awake. I’m tempted to switch the bulb of this new nightlight with my Scentsy one, because the bulbs are both Scentsy, and the light in my Scentsy is running out of juice, hence why it’s dim. The reason I got an additional nightlight is because my Scentsy owl is dim…so maybe if I switch them, all will be fine.

Because, whilst this additional nightlight is bright enough to keep me from backing my heels into hollow doors and inviting splinters into my skin, it’s also bright enough to keep me wide awake, or to at least wake me every three-to-four hours because it’s brighter than when I sleep during the day.

Beyond the nightlight news, which is the most exciting update I have to offer you today, I have made more progress on Wild Thing.

Whilst I have always held a love-hate relationship with coding, I really thought I was done with it when I chose to shut down Liz and Code, but rejoining the TCG world and creating a TCG myself, I can’t help wanting certain things to make running it much easier, and thus…I made a page for whatever code stuff I plan to release in the future.

See, I want Wild Thing to be as automatic as possible, so I’ll only have to focus on making decks and member cards, releasing new decks, typing out updates, and minimal fixes. Apparently phpbb3 decided to hop on the aggravating Bootstrap train, as well as do a LOT of work to their original software, which then resulted in the breaking of installations I already have running and/or the crushing of my hopes and dreams to merge MyTCG with phpbb3.

I also considered MyBB and XMB, but soon realised that, either way, a third-party software has total potential to completely break the MyTCG installation I’ve already customised to my needs. After wondering, “What does it take to run a PHP/MySQL forum, anyway?” I realised it’s literally just tables in a database, and it’s probably really similar to my news hack for Flight, so now I’m coding my own forum for MyTCG.

I’ve also added, on most of the pages, separate page titles for each of the pages, because TCGs have so many pages and maybe there are players out there like me who wish they could see, in their history/back and forward buttons, where they are going instead of just seeing “Wild Thing | a sci-fi & supernatural tcg” on every single page—especially if, say, Firefox crashes/is closed unexpectedly and they’re trying to decide which tabs to open back up, or even if they have multiple pages to the TCG opened. It just looks nicer. >.>

I’m working on other features, but the latest one I decided to add today is a way to easily add in new resource credit information to tables from the admin panel, which saves the need to open FTP every. single. time it needs to be updated or changed.

One tiny, yet potentially noticeable feature: profile trade forms hidden to non-users to prevent unwanted spam (see example). Other modifications are only visible to logged-in users. Sorry. :p

Mostly, I’m trying not to stress over the GFAF Expo this weekend. I’m nervous, because people, and also, I’m getting a press pass, and press-y things tend to make me nervous/stress me out/etc. Thus, I decided to work on Wild Thing, which I don’t do too often and plan to open in sixteen days, on my dad’s birthday.

‘Sup with you lately?

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Comments on this post

That’s good you got a new nightlife to hopefully avoid any accidents. But if you can change the bulb to something that is not as bright it might help!

I like the idea of the code page. *casually stalks it haha*

That would be so great if you could have a script running just as your want to manage TCGs. Having everything as simple and automated as you can would make everything so much easier to update, and more fun with making the cards/decks/things.

I hope the stress will minimise a bit and the positives will shine. It would be exciting to have a press pass and have access to places you would not normally have the chance to see. 😀