MunchPak: June 2016

MunchPak has become my favorite subscription boxes out of the others, because it allows me to receive international snacks that lack nuts. For the longest while, I’ve wanted to try the international snack subscription boxes, but there was always the risk of paying for nothing but nuts. It’s a dollar extra for the no nuts option, but I think it’s worth it.

My box was curated by Amy.

MunchPak Mini: June 2016

I didn’t get this one up on IG when it came in, because after I took a picture with the DSLR, I forgot all about Instagram and started eating the snacks…I have a snack problem. 😡

…and I don’t know why it’s grainy. I don’t know Charlise’s camera well.


…this is kind of more of an I’m-going-to-try-to-list-foreign-snacks-and-talk-about-them thing. I can’t always figure out what something is. :p

  • Hello Panda (Strawberry); USA-made, Japanese brand — We actually have Hello Panda snacks in some stores in Garland. I always like these, because the prints on them are cute! They remind me a little of Pocky.
  • Parle-G Original Gluco Biscuits (Milk & Wheat); imported from India — I ate some of these plain; others were used to spoon out cookie butter.
  • Cow Tales (Strawberry); USA — This was really sweet. It’s basically a chewy strawberry-flavored caramel candy that has a cream center…I’m not super sure what they cream center was, but it was extremely sweet. I ate it in small intervals.
  • Kolson Snackers (French Cheese); imported from Pakistan — These were good, and I want more! They tasted like the offspring of cheddar Bugles and sour cream & onion chips.
  • LOTTE Cereal Choco (according to the English label); imported from Korea — This is the only nuts-including product I received, which I’m not totally fretting about since I make mistakes, too.
  • Bin Bin Rice Crackers; imported from Thailand — These were the perfect amount of sweet and salty. There’s a brand of rice “husks” that has been in the GFAF Expo and in previous subscription boxes I’ve received, but…they’re meant to be bought by parents for, um, BABIES. So the ones I got in my box? Yeah, I don’t feel embarrassed to say I like them like I do feel about saying Mum-Mums’ Strawberry-Banana rice crackers. ?


I didn’t do the prices this time, because 1) it’s harder to find the prices of international snacks than it is local ones and 2) finding nut-free snacks is hard. Like, I personally know and understand how difficult it is. MunchPak allows for other preferences, too, and each is $1. Thus, whatever preference(s) you choose or don’t choose determines the cost of your box, which will likely be very different from my box.

I also support MunchPak, not just because I’m an affiliate, because I feel like companies who are doing the nut-free options need the support, and right now, the price difference doesn’t matter a whole lot to me…especially when one local nut-free snack may be about half the price of a MunchPak Mini with a preference to exclude nuts. Two snacks or approximately five snacks? I’mma go with the latter.

If you’re interested in subscribing, please support me by using my affiliate link. c: You can save $2 using the coupon “SNACKIN”.

MunchPak banner

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AHhhhHH!!!! A lot of these snacks are familiar XD. The Bin Bin Rice Crackers have been my favorite since childhood. Funny thing is that after all these years, I finally know the real name of it. I always referred it to, “the oval crackers with chinese letters”. The kolson snackers look delicious! It definitely looks like something I’d munch on!

It’s good that you’re giving these companies an opportunity to continue on by supporting their products :D.

I love the idea of snack boxes. I just can’t seem to decide on one. Which makes me think I should just spoil my dog and get him a BarkBox, lol.

X) MunchPak will be my only one for a while. <3

I have seen the ones for pets, though! When I get a cat […and my own place…] I will likely get a kitty box. :3

Do they have options for people who aren’t allergic to anything but are just plain picky? That’s my hurdle! 😛

Sort of? You can choose to have more of or less of the following, and they’re working on getting more options: nuts, salty, sour, sweet, spicy, chewy, crunchy, gummy, seafood, meat, candy, chips, cookies, foreign snacks, American snacks.

I’m a picky eater, too. 😉

That is really great that you like it so much. It would be really hard to order snacks from around the world and for them to be really nut free. Glad that there is an option now. 😀