A Day in the Life: May 2016

A Day in the Life is a monthly linkup by Georgie. I decided to do the prompts this month.

What are you thinking about?

  • I probz shouldn’t have spend my Love With Food points on honey candy, but I’ve been wanting candy lately and it’s hard to find candy I can enjoy without breaking the bank, so…
  • I’m still hungry.
  • I greatly regret not getting up earlier and just making the SunButter-flavored crackers. No, I don’t know if they’ll work, but the idea sounds awesome. ?

What else are you thinking about?

I need to do laundry and pick up my room and go to bed early tonight and figure out something to eat…and if I could just do that without bumping my knees YET AGAIN, I might actually start to heal.

What is the time?


How did you start your day?

I was awoken first by the sound of the hedges being trimmed, then by Grandmama notifying me of her temporary departure and where the check for the lawn guy was, which I needed to stay up-ish for to give to him. I should have just stayed up, honestly, even though I was still tired (haven’t been sleeping well), because after I passed back out after 12:12pm, I awoke around 5ish. (Again, I haven’t been sleeping well.)

How will you end it?

  • Laundry
  • Watching Orphan Black, plus anything else airing tonight…after it airs
  • Continuing to change emails from domains I am dropping to an @janepedia account or the one name domain I renewed so I can sort through stuff later when I have more time.

Thought snippet of the day

I’ve been stressing lately because I’ve jury duty coming up, and maybe it’s super easy to others, but my anxiety and phobias and autism doesn’t help. Also, I really disagree with a lot of Texas law, and I dislike the jury system, because at the end of the day, I don’t believe it’s my place to decide whether someone is telling the truth or not. By nature, I simply don’t care; I can’t read minds, dammit.

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Comments on this post

Resisting candy has been one of the hardest things for me, with cutting back on my sugar intake. >..<

Ahh. Jury duty would be so difficult! I am not sure how it works, but in Australia you are able to send a request to be excused if you have a disability. If that is not the case there, I hope it will be okay. /cookie

I tend to do OK around sweet things. ^^; My issue is a lesser-known/experienced one: I struggle to consume enough. 😡

And as for jury duty, it’s complicated here. You have to have a doctor’s note, and blah…yeah. Like, I’d need my therapist to write one, but I’ve not seen her in a while, so. o.-

I don’t care anymore, though. All having me on the jury list for a case will do is result in a hung jury, because I refuse to judge someone else and determine their fate. Beyond that, the system is fucked up and literally all based on opinion, anyway, so I don’t see how being a juror is still deemed a logical system. If anything, the juror system’s a GREAT way to deter people from getting a driver’s license and/or registering to vote.

Hope you feel better about jury duty! I’ve never had to do it before but I know most people really don’t like doing it.

“I’m still hungry” – literally, the story of my life.

I agree with that “I’m still hungry”, because I am. Meds like Abilify make me so hungry all of the time XD

hahah “I’m still hungry.” Story of my life.

Oh man… laundry is the never-ending story of adulthood! Also, bumping knees? I bumped my knee while making my kids’ beds and it left such a sick bruise. Twas gross. 😮 I hope you can heal all of your current bruises and avoid making new ones. 🙂

Changing domain emails. The bane of having too many domains and eventually dropping them. I just went through this, too. :s)

SO TRUE ABOUT JURY DUTY! You can’t read minds. And your decision could either hurt or help the person and society! It’s so stressful! I will be sending you some positive vibes, my dear! Jury duty alone is insane, but with anxiety, phobias, and Autism on top of that? It’s a nightmare. You’ll get through it, I know you will! :*

Sleep is awesome. I can never get enough of it myself no matter how much sleep I get. x_x

By the way love your emoticons! OWLS! ^^