Life Update #17

It has been a long while since I’ve posted one of these, and what I feel like sharing could really only fit into one of these babies without coming off as completely random, so here I go. ^^;

I have a Leibster Award post semi-typed up, but I’m not finished with it, because I have been busy, so… that will take a little longer, Lotte. 😉

For starters, my “S” key is literally falling off my laptop’s keyboard, whilst “R” and “T” are broken, but manageable. Though a new keyboard, which comes with a mouse, is only approximately $24, this sucks because it means I have to make some sacrifices* and dip into my “fun money”, as I call it, which means I probably won’t get a much-needed haircut until November… because we aren’t having a garage sale until late October, probably, which I am hoping some of my clothes and whatnot will sell in.

(I’d do one of those “blog sale” thingies for my books, but I have no clue how that works?!)

(Also, those are hard to get rid of…)


My left-hand “Control” key is also not working so well… And I type with both of my hands, so… this makes me have to do extra work with my right hand, when my left hand was specifically trained for typing on a keyboard like it should. Like, that is the only thing my left hand can probably really do well. (No offense, Left Hand.)

The rest of this post is being divided into sections. <3

*I couldn’t think of the actual word I wanted to use, so this one suffices, I guess.

That Jane Girl business/contact cards

I’m not sure if it’s of any interest to anyone here, but… I have new business cards! My aunt printed them for me via her workplace, and I used Melyssa’s (The Nectar Collective) DIY edge-painted business cards to paint the edges of my cards in yellow, namely because it’s all I have color-wise that I neither completely hate the idea of nor find would be completely out of place on the edges of my business cards. Other acrylic paints I have on hand: blue, pink, white.

That Jane Girl business cards process collage

These are so summery and simple; I like them! As a GFAF Expo blogger, I’m expected to do “live coverage” of the event (e.g. posting to social media here and there), so I figured the most important things to put on my card were the two social networks I’m most social in and favorite. As a blogger of the event, my job is to act as press coverage, though I can network[1. Note to world: I don’t really know what “networking” is, I just know vendors continuously asked me for my business card last year, and I had to give were old, outdated ones. Gross.]—just no selling of my services (e.g. advertising, etc.). I feel the URL of That Jane Girl (TJG) is… obvious? At least, I hope it is. >.>

I’ll write more about them on That Jane Girl later, because there’s a story behind them, and they were actually supposed to have something totally unique, but things didn’t pan out—and even though plans didn’t make it to the final result, it may inspire someone else to do something similar. Idunno. I like reading stories about the creative process and see what made it and what didn’t, and why.

Others’ thought processes fascinate me right now.

It’s probably a special interest. Who knows?

(By the way, the process took 1.5 hours: 30m to paint and let the acrylics dry; one hour to separate 150 cards individually. Char and I actually brainstormed ways to avoid the cards from sticking together, though, and we’ll try them later… and I will let you know the results? Because our ideas might also be easier/quicker.)

Security plugin, Yoast

I found a WordPress security plugin I like more than iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security): WordFence Security. I need to figure out how to remove bulky iThemes Security and install WordFence Security on a blog—flawlessly. Additionally, I’m going to start recommending WF instead from now on. I understand the developers behind iThemes Security need to get paid and all, but like Genesis, the plugin has too many features that are simply redundant for me, yet are included in the plugin anyway. The unfortunate part of WF, however, is its conflict with Jetpack, solely because of Jetpack’s security thing. Thus, things like Twitter cards and sharing don’t work the same (i.e. you cannot link any of your accounts to WordPress via Jetpack.

…this sucks, because right now I have Yoast because I was too lazy to code in the damn Twitter card, but Yoast is fucking with my Pinterest button from Shareaholic, so obviously Yoast won’t stay.

(I really hate Yoast. I get it’s for the SEO thing, but… most of my traffic on What Liz Eats came from Tumblr, if you wanna talk numbers; I also haven’t used an SEO plugin in all of 6birds’ life, and it’s doing just fine.)

Other things

I need to write two subscription box posts, one for each of two blogs. It’s 6:03am, though.

…6:04am now.

Fingers crossed I order and receive a new [quiet] keyboard and accompanying mouse soon. Then, I can also get back to comments, tweeting regularly, and writing daily.

This broken keyboard business is really killing my writing vibe. -.-

P.S. If you want yummy candy, Hillside Candy’s GoOrganic Hard Candy is really good. Er, I’ve just had the apple flavor. This isn’t an ad. I’d Insta a picture of my nearly-empty candy jar with three of the aforementioned babes left, but I’m tired and that requires better lighting, so… (Next, I wanna try the honey. Or the pomegranate… what does that even taste like, though? OH. AND THE MANGO MINT.) I got them in my Love With Food box.

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Comments on this post

I love your business cards! It’s so pretty and professional looking. And speaking of haircuts, I usually don’t get a haircut for several months or sometimes one year xD There was this one time when I had constantly cut my hair.

And I heard great things about Love with Food subscription box :p

Thanks! And agh, my hair is long due for a haircut… it is two different sizes. 😐 It’s also supposed to be layered, but the last person who cut it did so oddly—and didn’t understand layers.

You’re welcome! (:
Awww, yeah that happened to me once. The hairdresser didn’t understand layers either and she just trimmed it normally.

Sounds like things are pretty busy for you! I keep wanting to make myself some business cards, but I would have no one to hand them to haha. I used to leave them on the teacher’s desk when I taught in hopes they would call me to sub for their class again in the future.

I think the cards look so fantastic and I love how you have the edges painted, it adds a really cool personal touch to it as well. 😀

Haha, don’t even worry about it. It’s not like I’ve been the great on-top-of-everything blogger lately. 😛

And I love the idea of putting in a bit of handwork for your business cards and painting the sides. O: They’re so cute!

I saw the tutorial on how to edge-paint your business cards and I guess it is more cost-effective but you can get your business cards with a coloured edge at most good printing companies. I have seen quite a few bloggers making their own business cards and I kind of want to do my own haha.

I never really cared too much about SEO. I look at my blog stats every now and then, but that’s about it. I have been trying to do a few small things to improve SEO, and I know ways I can improve it, but otherwise I don’t make too much of a fuss. As a start, it helps that we both already write original content. 🙂

I couldn’t find a printing company who would print the kind I wanted at a price I could stand letting go. 🙁 I handed out at least 100 cards last year and collected the same—both to fellow local bloggers and to companies. I didn’t want to run out. (Sadly, no local bloggers were as into connecting with fellow local bloggers, which sucks…)

I’m actually planning to get a stamp and special paper card stock that will grow some kind of plant, or at least decompose, when someone is done with it… or both. There are a lot of cool stamps, and it would be slightly more convenient for me, because I really want black business cards… with metallic ink and edges. ^^

With Yoast, I think it’s supposed to make SEO stuff easier, which means it just takes up space for me? I try to find ways to implement certain code into my current theme, then just copy it over, instead of using a plethora of plugins to do everything for me. What’s more, Yoast is “grading” me on whether I include a “keyword” into a header, which feels spammy to me. Obviously, if they’ve read the title, they know the subheadings are relevant to them… I don’t know if I’m making sense. I don’t care about SEO that much, either, and the practices that are supposed to be done are always changing… I would rather do my own thing.