Lizard Finds vol. 4

American Odyssey was cancelled, which really sucks. I think it had to have been the plot that killed it, though, because too much was packed into the series so quickly to the point that it was difficult to figure out what was going on—even after watching a few episodes multiple times to fill out the Wikia I made for it. 🙁

Fingers crossed Jake Robinson stars in something else soon, because he grew up so well.

In other news, the Finding Carter Wiki merged with a smaller one, so now it’s kind of the only Wikia around for the show. #winning

The Wikia for Finding Carter is a project I took over earlier this year, so I’m rather excited for it! When I got to adopting/editing/etc. it, there were only about forty pages to its name.

The finds

  • If you like city-building games on Facebook, LandLord is a game with a setting allowing users to play as much as they’d like, without having to worry about their energy amount. I’m not fond of it, as I found some parts of it to be annoying, but it might interest someone else.
  • Fairyland is another Facebook game, and a game I have played for about three years now, which allows you to have a virtual garden and attract wildlife; each plant harvested saves at least one square foot of the rain forest. It’s fun and cute, I think. Since I haven’t played it consistently in the past three years, I’ve only saved/adopted 381 square feet of the rain forest, but it’s still cool. Every 3 months, Fairyland calculates the “square feet” adopted by all gardens, converts it to acres, and makes an equivalent donation to the Nature Conservancy’s “Adopt An Acre” program (e.g. a $50 donation will adopt an acre of rain forest).
  • Kristen Bell left a voicemail message for six-year-old Avery Huffman, who is battling an inoperable tumor, as Anna (Frozen).
  • When mangoes are in season, I shall make my own version of this Strawberry Mango Breakfast Smoothie. Whilst I love Sally’s Baking Addiction, Sally’s recipes are hit-or-miss for me, save the smoothie recipes, because… well, nuts, loads of dairy, and… loads of sweets. I’m not big on sweets.

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Oh no, that sucks it was cancelled. 🙁 Hopefully he will star in something soon.

I have never found a recent game that doesn’t have some kind of energy limit, so I am interested to try landLord. 😀