That kind of neurodivergent

I’m the kind of neurodivergent/disabled person who sets bowls aside after eating until I have the energy to take them to the kitchen (and/or don’t feel shame for eating all/not all of the food)…where those bowls may reside for weeks.

I just found 2 bowls of 2-week-old broccoli cheese soup fermenting (not much, but STILL) and one bowl of cinnamon oatmeal that smelled like mildew, and spent ~30 mins rinsing them in the sink.

I thought my room smelled awful because of the litter box. 🥴

So I’ve been spot cleaning the entire litter box for the past week with VINEGAR to kill the smell.

I’ve known the bowls were there. I can see them from all angles of my room. They continue to exist out of site, too.

I didn’t realize what was *in* the bowls was the problem.

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