Quarterly Empties: December 2020

Christine gave me this idea about a year or so ago when I said I was struggling to figure out how to talk about beauty products on my blog, especially since I wouldn’t think to take pictures until they were empty/used too much. An “empties” post is where you share your empties and what you’d buy again. My take on empties posts will 1) be quarterly (except once I get into a routine) and 2) include every empty product used during the quarter pertaining to health, beauty and accessories (HBA) and whether I’d buy it again or not.

I don’t have pics of these things currently due to certain ish that made me bag up all my personal belongings, and start decluttering and packing for my next move.

Key: ✨ will re-buy | 🔮 might re-buy | 🚫 won’t re-buy

Parentheses denote how I discovered it/where it came from. If you buy through one of my links, I may be compensated for the referral.

COLAB Unicorn Dry Shampoo (Walmart Beauty Box), smells great, works amazing & I don’t have to get my hands dirty

🔮 Generation Skin Urban Defense Purifying Pink Clay Mask (Ipsy), made my skin burn & not in the it-means-it’s-working way

Delectable Triple Citrus Body Scrub (Ipsy), hard to get my hands on, but worth the splurge; I use this on my hands & feet specifically for a delicious treat

Feel Harmony Rose Petal Facial Mask (Ipsy), first impression = overpowering scent; this has become a staple face mask, but I buy the full-size through Ipsy add-ons because it’s $38 elsewhere

Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask (Ipsy), love this mask once a week because it helps clear up maskne

AHAVA Mandarin & Cedarwood Mineral Shower Gel (Ipsy), smells great and makes my skin sooo soft! AHAVA is my fave skincare line

Lunette Menstrual Cup (giveaway), won & became my #1 used menstrual cup; died in the toilet and did not want to risk E. coli, so buy a new one I did

🚫 Avette Fresh Clean Coconut Mild Foam Cleanser (Ipsy), used in the mornings & made face soft, but I’m still in love with AHAVA Gentle Facial Cleansing Foam

🔮 This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (Ipsy), sprayed onto my pillow and helped me sleep well! downside: too much of this, whether it’s two sprays at once or the buildup of fragrance over time between pillowcase washes, and the smell is hideous. I made my own — it’s amazing!

Humphrey’s Witch Hazel Astringent (Mighty Nest), used with one of Marley’s Monsters’ rainbow facial rounds before bed and when I awaken, has helped clear and maintain my skin in a way I didn’t know something could; I did buy this again, via Mighty Nest, but I also bought a different brand of witch hazel. Really, I just love witch hazel even though it smells like super diluted rubbing alcohol.

🚫 Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo (Walmart Beauty Box), another aerosol dry shampoo, which means my hands don’t get messy with dry shampoo, but all I liked about it was that it smelled okay; nothing special

🚫 L.A. Colors Nail Strawberry-Scented Nail Polish Remover (Dollar Tree), works great — but I haaaate the oily feel on my fingers after using it that is near impossible to get off.

The Cottage Greenhouse Orange Blossom & Honey Face Mask (Ipsy), came in glass jar and a beautiful recyclable cardboard box; I’m deeply in love with this face mask and there is only one other face mask in a jar I’ve ever loved soooo this was like 🤩

🚫 Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Gentle Balancing Toner (Walmart Beauty Box), smells weird?? so I used it in the first sleep spray I made for myself, but that only made it smell weirder; it smells worse than the other witch hazel toners I’ve used

What were your HBA empties?

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