Goodbye, 2020

To quote Avenue Beat, low-key fuck 2020.

It’s been a long year. I published less than 50 posts this year, just barely 30,000 words, on the blog, and…I’m not even bothered. 2020 was comprised of nonstop hypothetical situations featuring a pre- and post-apocalyptic experience — and both, and the in-between, is the whole fucking year.

I stayed busy. I escaped. I bought Mike’s Hard Lemonade party pack even though their target demographic is college boys almost a decade younger than me, which pisses me off because women are expected to have wine addictions. I tried weed! Hate it. Smells like a skunk farted and tastes the way I imagine day-old burnt eggs taste. I played around with my style and found freedom in my preferences — wear anything, go braless, mismatch socks, etc.

Collage of selfies and various photos from 2020

I scrapped all my blog drafts to start fresh.

Pending posts in need of images will soon be updated and scheduled accordingly, but otherwise, all the posts I started to write but didn’t feel serious about were deleted, for good.

I’m starting a new chapter in my life this year, and literally anything goes on the blog. Literally anything, if I want to blog about it enough.

I cut my hair.

Or rather, a guy cut my hair?? I’ve always had women cut my hair, but I’d been needing a haircut for years and my cousin got him to cut all her kids’ hair.

Side-by-side before and after selfiesI think it doesn’t help my looking young, but there was a lot of damage and my hair was so long it was in my way. However, some days have passed, and I’m pleased with the length. I’m hoping to have it partially/ombre-dyed when it’s longer!

I found my first apartment!

IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, I managed to actually land an apartment. Apartment hunting is either more difficult right now because pandemic, or it’s just always like this the first time around. I’m moving to Greenville, Texas, which is further from civilization than I wanted, but it will do…

If anything, it gets me started, and then I can move elsewhere — I don’t know where yet, but I wanted to move close to the Dallas-Fort Worth area because there is way more to do than that which would be found in a small town, and there would be more blog-related opportunities.

More friend opportunities.

Goodbye, 2020. I didn't read, but I did try weed. So at least something happened.

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