I don’t advertise around in person, but for those of you who keep writing my site name as “6 birds”, “6 Birds”, “6Birds”, and/or “Six Birds”, I figured I would purchase to clear up ANY CONFUSION caused by peoples.

This is me half-notifying everyone of the new domain and half-letting-you-know-in-a-subtle-manner that it annoys me.

(You’re welcome.)

(I don’t know about you, but seeing “” makes me CRINGE.)

(And for the record, it’s 6birds.)

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[…] I didn’t think to even tell her the URL — I wouldn’t even have to worry about her mistaking it for “”, because I own that now. BLAH. But it’s alright. […]

When I think of your blog I always think 6birds rather than sixbirds or six birds or anything else. I agree with Lisa, it’s more aesthetic pleasing. Numbers work well in domains. But not too many though, haha! 🙂

It makes sense to purchase it. If ‘6birds’ is your brand then purchasing all of the above will just increase your hits 😀

How peculiar that people would want to write your blog name differently. While I’d understand thinking it’s “Six Birds” if you heard the name, I don’t understand when they can clearly see that it is “6Birds”.

6Birds is a lot nicer, I agree. It stands out.

Actually, it’s 6birds — it’s all completely lowercase. :p

Oh, sorry! That’s just me capitalizing titles, it’s hard for me not to. It’s a quirk. /zzz

6birds definitely looks better aesthetically. I’ll keep this in mind when I refer people to your site (:

Ah, but 6birds looks so much more aesthetic. Pleasing. That’s the only way I remember the name of your blog. In addition, the number 6 is way easier to type than six. Silly people.

What about hahaha. :*

Worry not, for I always refer to your site with the numerical ‘6’. This is because when I first saw your blog, the 6 really stood out and that numerical attribute is what helped me remember your domain in the first place.

So yes, people. It is 6birds.


Ever so often, I have incoming search results for “six birds blog”.

I’ve been meaning to purchase this one since last year, and I just got around to doing so. (I also have an article on the matter scheduled for July-ish, so it works for educational purposes as well. xD)