Slice of August 2017

Just before writing this, I was:

Tweeting. 🐦

This past month:

I don’t have a lot to say about this month, but am hoping to have a big announcement and introduce some changes to the blog next month. I did a lot more reading than usual this month.

Food-wise, I ate more, too—a good thing. I cooked some. I’m now eating at least two meals a day as opposed to the one I was eating before. I slipped up some and had to basically start over in terms of the eating disorder healing process, but I’ll get to a more stable point eventually. 😫

I got a lot of books this month, so in the event you like book haul lists:

  • Another Woman’s Daughter by Fiona Sussman
  • In the Red by Elena Mauli Shapiro
  • Aaru by David Meredith
  • The Day the Angels Fell by Shawn Smucker
  • All She Left Behind by Jane Kirkpatrick
  • The 100: Day 21 by Kass Morgan
  • Becoming Marie Antoinette by Juliet Grey

I’ll edit in Goodreads links when I’m on a lappy because it’s easier.

This past month, I learned:

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket—I mean, I knew this, but…damn.~

Having nothing but my desk against one wall is pleasant; using sunlight to light up my room during the day livens me up, too, unlike the dull feeling from the ceiling fan light.

This past month, I grew bored of:


But that’s OK, ’cause I:

Took a small break and started enjoying it again. 😌

Today, something that made me happy:

I bought freeze-dried strawberries from Dollar Tree, because I’m gonna put some in my Cheerios. 😏

I know cereal can be bought with dried fruit in place, but the fruit is scarce and the price is always higher than the plain, so I’ll just add my own fruit, thank you.~

Tomorrow, I’m going to:

Do my sheets. It’s way too hot today. Like, I’m so hot I’m sick to the point that I could puke. 😑

In September, I’m going to make the positive change of:

Less screentime before bed! I need to get back into the habit of reading before bed instead of perusing comics on Tapas. I noticed I sleep better when I read at least one hour before bed; my dreams are fuller and I’m less stressed, too.

One thing on my to-do list:

Clean off my desk.

One pleasant photo from this past month:

After this post, I am:

Going to see if Gmama wants to dump the potting soil back into the bag now. (It’s a long, irrelevant story, but she was transplanting and it’s old soil but too good—and too much—to waste.)

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Great to hear you were enjoying all the reading. 😀 I hope that you can continue to improve with the meals. hug