Slice of February 2018

We weren’t sure what was going on, but after the dishwasher flooded—from the kitchen to the living room—the first Sunday of January, the floor started molding and filling the air with a scent too unbelievable vomitrocious I can’t even begin to describe it. It was bad. It was making us sick. My uncle came over and cleaned the carpet, and thus far it’s like the stench was never there at all.

Now, it’s in the filter to the vacuum I first used to vacuum half of my room before I’d had enough. After spraying Febreze (why can I never spell this right?) on the floor and waiting a bit, I used the older vacuum to vacuum all of my room.

My carpal tunnel syndrome acted up a lot in the beginning because we had to wash dishes by hand, and the backs of my hands started to peel because dish soap dries my hands and I can’t stand lotion a lot. We got a dishwasher on 17th February, though—it’s stainless steel and looks weird, because the buttons are on the top part of the door, but inside?? I don’t know how to even begin to explain it—it’s just weird. Technology is advancing fast, and I think we should all hurry up and put on our tin foil hats because pretty soon, the aliens are gonna come after us. (Kidding.)

I got sick from, like, activated charcoal depleting nutrients and my inability to keep up with them? I’m eventually going to finally go on vitamins, it’s just…a matter of buying them…and then of using them…and remembering to take them. I’m bad about remembering to take things on a daily basis, heh.

Month in entertainment

  • Shows: One Day at a Time (season 2; didn’t finish #oops), Altered Carbon, DreamWorks Dragons, Netflix knows what else (and I don’t because the history is STACKED, alright)
  • Movies (17): A Christmas Prince, The Emoji Movie, So Undercover, After the Ball, Lemonade Mouth, Moana, Rip Tide, Raising the Bar, The Road to El Dorado, Christmas Inheritance, The Breadwinner, The Horse Dancer, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Fun Mom Dinner, High Strung, Ice Girls
  • Read (2): Jacqueline Willoughby (DNF), Keeping You a Secret

I unsubscribed from Netflix, so I tried to watch as much as I could and made a list of what I couldn’t get to, whether because of time or the lack of proper mood. I’ll resub later when I don’t have a never-ending to-read stack. I also felt guilty, because I didn’t feel like making “the most” out of it—which is to say a lot, considering the number of movies I watched this month. It’s more like…I felt guilty if I didn’t feel like watching something every day. I felt guilty because I wanted to read instead, but then felt guilty because I subscribed to something for $7.99 so I could finish watching stuff from my queue. Then I felt guilty because I barely read anything worth talking about this month. Two books? Dafuq, J.

Photo of books ("Revenants: The Odyssey Home", "A Song Unheard", "Why I Hate Green Beans", "Keeping You a Secret", "Long Black Veil" atop each other, with a black cat mug on top of them; an aloe vera plant in a turquoise pot is to the side of them.
Since taking this photo last month, I have read one book and added three—and I left one book (1984) off the stack to begin with because of its size.

If Netflix had, like, subscriptions based on day credits—that is, one month = 30 days, and the day only counts if you actually watch something—I wouldn’t feel like I wasted much. But they don’t. And I get it, I do—they price based on licensing and they’re in debt from buying so many Netflix Originals and are still losing money. They’ve got bills to pay, after all. I just don’t have the patience to sit and binge on it all the time.

Something that made me happy this month:

Watching Lemonade Mouth! I never watched it when it came out. The promotion for it felt cheap, but after watching it, I felt like it could have been bigger than the High School Musical franchise. I surmise HSM did so well because of Kenny Ortega, whereas Lemonade Mouth felt like it was made using a really low budget. Anyway, I’m not big on lemonade—it makes my throat hurt and has too much sugar—but I’m a fan of the purpose of the band. I watched it because Hayley Kiyoko and stayed because the takeaway of the story is timeless, thus relevant to current events.

Around Janepedia + other projects

I made great progress on Janepedia this month! What I worked on:

  • reworked all categories and tags; added descriptions where necessary — still working on descriptions
  • completed and cleaned out some drafts I’ve had in there forevs
  • renewed because how could I let an eight-year-old domain go? Too many people link to it still, man.
    • and by renewed, I mean I transferred it to I now exclusively use
  • introduced a new series!
  • scheduled a ton of posts, but not for every post?
    • mostly because I need to focus on my health
    • I also learned how to do a “sticky” post for when I go to my cousin’s wedding this summer
  • and a buncha other stuff

Additionally, I helped Char with her blog by doing a complete overhaul on her categories, tags and permalinks. It feels like such a mom blog, but at least it’s not clogged with categories for every single thing.

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