Slice of March 2018

Photo of black-and-white cat face-shaped mug sitting atop hardcover books (titles not shown, but the second one has a BOTM logo), with two paperback books in front of them ("The Women in the Castle" and "Long Black Veil"); in the far corner to the side of the hardcover books is a turquoise-painted clay pot holding aloe vera. The surface, although a peek, is wood painted black.

I was sick back-to-back for three weeks. I’m in convalesce. Initially, I thought it was because I got the basil + mint Suave shampoo, but no—it’s rosemary + mint, and the mint is spearmint. I love peppermint and can handle a bit of wintergreen, but spearmint and I do not mix. If it continued any further, I was starting to think I was going to have to go to the hospital because it got to where I couldn’t breathe.

Anyway, I wound up not doing much the entirety of the month. One thing I started working on—I was bored out of my mind, and I flamed up my carpal tunnel syndrome working my Sudoku puzzle book so what else was there?—is a new theme for Crunchy Family. I scrapped literally everything else and started it from scratch. The WordPress Codex is my bit—well, it’s just really helpful, okay? SO MANY HOOKS AND FUNCTIONS THOUGH OH MY. I may have a screenshot to show of the progress by the end of April, but I’m not promising anything because I’m shit at promises. 🤣

As the year progresses, I feel my anxiety rising more and more due to things out of my control, but all I can do is be patient and have hope that everything will work out. So…I’m trying, yeah? 💁‍♀️

This month, I really enjoyed the amazingness that is Udderly Smooth. It cleared up some acne, relieved my dry skin, and soothed my nose during my cold and sinus infection. I first discovered it last year while gathering material for a Mommy Survival Kit (in a mason jar) gift for a cousin’s baby shower.


My Netflix subscription expired the first, and I returned to my typical outlets for unsubscribed television (CW TV, CW Seed, Freeform). There are commercials, of course, but ’tis through having to watch them again that I realized I function better as a person when the commercials are not completely removed. For me, commercials are a time when I get up and do other things, or stay sitting and work a Sudoku puzzle or read a book.

Of course, I don’t I plan on getting carried away with Netflix. I sit down with the intention of watching an episode or two before my shower and just don’t get up for 12 episodes.

Thus, I didn’t log movies this month. I could have watched them via cable in the living room, but I’ve been disinterested in them lately. I rather got my fill from Netflix! I also prefer the comfort of my room. My desk chair is comfortable and sort of contours to my back, but there’s also my bed if I don’t want to watch movies like a stick figure. If I had my own place, I do surmise I’d be fine watching it in my own living room…but even then, I can’t say I’d invest in cable unless I watched Char’s kids more frequently.

On the blog

  • Remember how I redid my categories? Well…I deleted “Behind the scenes” and stuffed most those posts down the throat of “Blogging”. 10 cats. Feels basic AF (and great). Seemed pointless since I have a similar tag.
  • Then I rewrote my about page. Again. I wasn’t happy with it because I wasn’t being myself, but rather using wording acceptable in such settings…so I shredded the mental memories of what how-to posts tell me to do and wrote from my heart, like I was chatting with someone for the first time—like when you meet someone, and it’s like, “Where’s she been all my life? She does that, too?! DID I JUST LAND A BEST FRIEND?”
  • I started a series, but I cut back on the last two posts for it because…well, I don’t why beyond me losing interest super quickly. I started to feel like maybe it wasn’t enough, and I have a different series I’m introducing in May, and TL;DR: I feel really stupid and embarrassed for having talked up Jane vs. so much like I did and, truth be told, I want to hide away instead of laying this out here BUT I feel like you guys are involved now, so I’m obligated to tell you (and obviously it wouldn’t be fair to just up and quit over something like that, for any of us). SO I’M OWNING IT and hoping you’ll not hold it against me.At the end of the day, I felt like I could so something more than what I felt could happen with that series, and I can’t wait to present that more to you. 🌱

Until next time! 💖

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Sorry to hear you’ve been sick in March! It’s never fun being sick. Hope you’ve been feeling a lot better in April.

The survival kit in the mason jar is a good gift idea. I’ll have to remember that in the future if I need gift ideas.

Good on you for doing some changes on your blog — even if they are minor changes!

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Hope you’re feeling better by now! I’m digging the WordPress codex these days. So much useful information to go through except you gotta handpick what you need, haha. The survival kit in the jar looks cute!

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I am digging the new About page. 😄 I do feel that my About page is better when I just write what is on my mind. I don’t like to follow and formulas and often when I rewrite mine, I just scrap the whole thing and start from scratch instead of trying to “keep” parts of it, even if I thought it was amazing. That keeps it more natural.

Although commercials are often strategically placed at a point of suspense, I like having them from time to time. I don’t watch normal free-to-air television anymore because we didn’t have it set up. We watch movies off Netflix and sometimes I am so used to watching shows or movies with breaks that I forget that there aren’t going to be any. I mean you can still pause it whenever you want, but that’s different. 😜 I like that breaks do give you an opportunity to process what the hell you’ve just watched though.

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That’s what I did! I only recently added my baby photo. XD But otherwise, I wrote the page in an email draft on my phone and copy-pasted it into the page (with some minor edits, of course). Some stuff does seem similar, but Idunno…it works. Thanks! 🙂

Haha. I like cable, but I’m not sure I rely on it enough anymore to really keep up with it even if I had it set up (at my currently non-existent future place). TV has changed so much that subscription networks seem to take over cable…although I do enjoy watching things live occasionally, like The CW shows and new Disney Channel Original Movie musical premieres…which I can usually watch on The CW site itself and just, like, rent DCOMs online. I kind of feel like it’s weird, but there’s also a whole world out there that I want to see while I can. 😀

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Wow, that is such a long time to be ill. 🙁

I keep forgetting to log the movies that I watch lately.

I hope you have sick free April!

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I had the flu in February and literally thought that I was going to die. Being sick really sucks. As a matter of fact, I’ve still got a dry cough – but that always seems to linger for awhile.

But, on the bright side, at least you were still productive. 🙂

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