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Hello! In exchange for a review and/or unboxing video, I received the December 2014 Send Me Gluten Free box free of charge. I was not commissioned for it, but if you subscribe to Send Me Gluten Free using my link, [as an affiliate] I will earn a percentage of your purchase at no extra cost to you. (Thanks in advance!)

This is also late. I caught a cold/sinus mess, then the holidays happened, so please excuse it.

As official bloggers of the GFAF Expo Charlise and I went to, we each received in our goody bags the September 2014 Send Me Gluten Free box. I didn’t write up a review for it, unfortunately, because I ate some things, but I did hold back on this one. The original unboxing video’s sound had an annoyingly horrid hum to it, but I did keep some things untouched between the time I did open it and the time until I took pictures.

(I love subscription boxes, ’cause they’re like little presents of goodies at a discounted price you can get throughout the year. #solovely)

If you use the code “BLOG20“, you’ll receive 20% off your order.

Send Me Gluten Free: December 2014 #glutenfree #food via @adashofjane


  • Simpy 7 Snacks chips — I love these! They remind me of SunChips®, but they’re so not. Simply 7’s chips are free from peanuts, treenuts, eggs, soy, wheat, shellfish, and sesame seeds. Some may contain milk (e.g. hummus chips). All of their quinoa chips are Gluten-Free Certified. I emailed Simply 7 to ask whether they fried their chips, as SunChips fries theirs, and have yet to receive a response. I can attest that they lacked an oily/greasy feel to them, however.
    Will I buy their quinoa chips? Sadly, no. My body doesn’t react well to quinoa.
  • Wowbutter — In 2013, before I was diagnosed with a soy allergy, I sort of liked this. I was mostly trying to find things I could eat that didn’t have nuts (and I’m a former peanut butter addict) or other things I was allergic to. Wowbutter smells exactly like peanut butter, and it tastes a lot like it, too. If that’s what you crave, it’s probably great for you! But it is made from soy.
  • Mum-Mum Snax Apple Cinnamon Rice Crackers — These were tasty, but I’m not a huge fan of apple cinnamon. I’m totally down for trying their white cheddar flavor, though!
  • Dr. Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies — These were very good! They’re also vegan, which means there aren’t eggs or dairy.
  • SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins — Yes and yes. The owl is such a nice touch. Like, they have some for kids and for adults. And they actually taste like gummy bears or something, not medicine. They’re also free of yeast, something I’ve noticed supplements having lately (once you find out one’s got it, you suddenly notice so many have it), and the ones for adults are sugar-free.
  • Massel Liquid Chicken-Style Stock & Vegetable Bouillon Cubes — Both are suitable for vegans, as they’re both vegetable-based.
  • Schär Penne Pasta — I made Chicken Alfredo with these, and I loved them. They cook easier than other penne, and they’re done much quicker than other brands’ penne pasta, needing only ten minutes max boiling time.
  • The Toasted Oat No.2: White Chocolate + Macadamia — The only non-nut-free item in the box. It smells so good, and I wish they’d have some white chocolate granola with sunflower seeds or something instead, because it looks really chewy. 🙁
  • Sauce Goddess Sweet Heat Spice Rub — This smells good, too.~ I haven’t used it yet because I’ve been sick, but 1) it smells like BBQ and 2) there are recipes in the packet it came in. Ooh la la!
  • Chebe Foccaccia Mix — Chebe’s bread mixes are great, hands down, and probably my favorite bread mix. Scratch that — they are. They’re also yeast-free, which is always a major plus!
  • Other: Gluten-Free/Allergen-Free Passport and gluten-free labels from Gluten Free Labels.


Coupons come in an orange envelope, thus keeping all your coupons in one place. It’s so convenient.~

Of the two boxes I received, I have noticed they have more things you can cook rather than snack on. It’s pretty cool, methinks.


There isn’t a list of the contents of the box, feature I like from Love With Food, but it’s nothing major. (I also suggested it.)

5 August, 2015: I plan to try this box again soon!

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