The world’s smallest EpiPen

This thing is you-can-put-it-in-your-pocket amazing.

It’s so tiny, and the dosage has been redesigned to work well with your body with a smaller amount.

‘Cause, you know, the EpiPen is tiny.

It can fit in your pocket.

You can go purse-less.

This thing is smaller than your phone, and about the same circumference as your pen, but shorter than your pen.

No more having to be so freaking annoyed with your cute, but annoying wristlet. No more fretting over how you can’t just take your phone and money/debit card into some place because you need your EpiPen, too, just in case something happens, because now, you can just. put. the. tiny. thing. into. your. POCKET.

Like, do you know how annoying this thing is? Why hasn’t anyone made something small yet? I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE SOMETHING SMALL, because I WOULD LOVE TO GO PURSELESS without worry.

(Or wristletless.)

A tiny, pocket-sized EpiPen/epinephrine thingy: it needs to happen!

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Comments on this post

I bet my nephew would love a smaller epi. He has a peanut/treenut allergy and he always complains about how annoying it is!

Nick has to/should carry around his EpiPen everywhere but he doesn’t, and I can imagine it is annoying to carry around all the time. I don’t know why no one has invented a pocket-sized solution yet. :/

There are these belt-like things for boys in school, and I imagine they’re for men, too, but… really? I’ve seen those, and they stand out. They make a life more miserable/uncomfortable than it should be. I only carry mine because, with my lack of luck, I would wind up absolutely needing it in the event that I didn’t have it with me. It sucks. 🙁