Tree Hugger Cloth Pads Review

If you’re looking for budget pads, Tree Hugger Cloth Pads is probably not the brand for you—they’re like the Hollister & Co. of cloth pads, with Party In My Pants being Abercrombi & Fitch. (For what it’s worth, the male models of both companies are hot.)

Then again, if you weigh in the pros to buying a Tree Hugger cloth pad, you’re doing a lot of good! Each cloth pad sold is a tree planted. What’s more, you can buy the free shipping addon to have free shipping for life. Though it may not seem like much now, it’ll add up over time if you plan to buy more from them in the future, or if you decide, “Oh! And I want this, too!” after you just made an order.

What I bought

One mermaid scale pad, one damask pattern pad

First order

Second order

  • Scales Minky *Limited Edition* Heavy Flow Single Day Pad ($11.85)


  • Buying the “Limited Edition” pad was so worth it. It’s so much cuter in person, and I feel like a mermaid when I wear it.
  • Charlise said I should try minky because it’s “so worth it”, though I can’t remember if I bought my minky pad before or after she said that. It really is worth it. It gets hotter than flannel does after a while, but it’s really soft, and it is also stain-resistant. My Surprise Me! pad has some white in it, and that has, surprisingly, not collected a stain yet. I’m not sure if this is just because I rinse them well before I put them in the wash, though.
  • It’s much more absorbent than I thought.


  • The random (Surprise Me!) options allow you to save money. There are some prints I really want to buy, and then afterward, I think I might just go with the surprise option. I kind of like not knowing what I’m going to get!
  • I do plan to buy again from them in the future. Even though I want to try other makers out, I am starting to run into my favorites and feeling like they’re who I want to stick with.
  • Tree Hugger Cloth Pads also sells bamboo velour pads, but I have read that they are harder to get stains out of and that the colors may bleed during the first washing… While I might try them eventually, I’ll first need to research the fabric, because I saw somewhere that people allergic to tree nuts should be careful with nuts. :s
  • Minky absorbs more quickly than flannel.

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