Yurtcraft Review (and other notes)

Yurtcraft is run by Lisa and opened way back when in 2008. Approximately seven years and over 5,000 reviews later, I came across the shop somehow… I’m not sure if it was via a video review or just by looking.

One green cloth liner with recycle symbol + one dark blue cloth liner with fox campground scene, atop zebra pattern
Background is zebra wet bag from THCP

Specs of liner:

  • approx. 6.75″ long by 2.25″ wide when snapped, with 3″ flares
  • organic cotton top
  • bamboo organic cotton core
  • WindPro polyester fleece
  • polyacetal resin snaps

When I saw the pattern, I knew I just had to have it.

  1. It’s green.

Two days after my first purchase, I saw a pattern I really liked, so I bought it, too. My liner arrived first, because I bought it first… From what I’ve gathered, Lisa adds products daily, or as often as she can—and they sell out quicker than you watching The Big Bang Theory or an episode of Family Guy… or Whose Line Is It, Anyway? You know, whatever it is that floats your boat and tickles your fancy.

Specs of regular/moderate pad:

  • approx. 7.25″ long by 2.5″ wide when snapped, with 3.25″ flares
  • cotton top
  • bamboo organic cotton core
  • WindPro polyester fleece back
  • polyacetal resin snaps

I wasn’t going to buy another one from her until I tried her pads out, but she has such good ratings, I saw no harm. Furthermore, my goal is to buy at least one pad per month to build up my stash, and I’m going away in June for a family reunion and to simply accompany my grandmother in her traveling… I’d rather have more than one reusable pad if I wind up needing it, as I refuse to go back to conventional ones.

Another part of my goal with making a complete switch is to find pads that are not above approximately $10, because perhaps that is the highest amount someone can spend right now. My decision to quit disposable menstrual products cold-turkey works well for me, however, because I have an Instead Softcup and an Intimina Lily Cup Compact, both of which I discussed in a previous post.

I owe you all my ultimate gratitude for making my second-ever viral post be the one post I felt super-weird about writing.

Seriously, all I could think was, “Did I finally get personal enough for you?” in addition to, “That’s what you get for calling for calling me ‘reserved’,” in regards to whether they saw it. The world is so, so big, but when you carelessly tell people you’re a blogger and where you blog, nosy people do what they gotta do and sniff (or read) all up in your business.

Anyways, back to the “budget pads”, for lack of a better phrase, and what I spent on mine. When I feel super lazy and just like lounging around, I want to use pads, but I’m slowly building up my stash. I also need a dry/wet bag to take with me in June, if only for just-in-case purposes, thanks to my cycle never being on an exact schedule/able to predict.

(I tried many apps, but they only work for predicting it—not for actually tracking it, so… screw it. I don’t care, I don’t plan to go on stupid hormones again… therefore, there’s not much of a point.)


Here lies the two receipts. Noteworthy advice: If you combine orders, you can save on the shipping. However, I purchased pads on two separate days, so… meh.

Etsy receipts

Obviously, the latter cost more, considering it’s a higher absorbency. I almost bought an 8″ one instead, and/or another/a different one, but I opted for just one more for now. Whilst I love her patterns, I do need to try out others’ pads, both to review them here, and to try other brands. This will at least give me three, which should last me nicely until I get some more, since I also have cups.~

The only “heavy” reusable pads $10 and under have been on Yurtcraft, but I am still looking for others, too—and the price depends greatly on the size of the pad as well.


I like lists. I do better with lists. Let’s go with a list!

  • 6.75″ is too short for me. Note to self: Get liners that are at least 7″.
  • The Organic Recycle (liner) pattern is really cute, though. So glad I got it!
  • Both of these pads are thin—thin, but absorbent.
  • 7.25″ would be a better size for a liner, but this isn’t super bad for a regular pad. Note to self: Consider going up to 8″ for regular/moderate pads.
  • Unlike my PIMP, these pads stay in place. I think it’s because the backing is fleece instead of nylon.
  • There should be, like, some sort of a stimming toy in this WindPro polyester fleece fabric—it’s so soft, and feeling it just feels so relaxing I. can’t. even.
  • It might be best to aim for darker colors and shy away from super-light colors, at least until I can find a coconut-free, soy-free, vegan stain stick. I am actually looking at various waxes and considering making myself an allergen-free one, and if/when I do, I will be sure to post the recipe!


Would I buy them again?

Yes. I stalk her shop daily for must-have patterns, as she tends to update daily as well.

Do they work? Are they comfortable?

Yes! They’re pretty thin… there’s not a huge difference in the thickness between the liner and the regular pad, but there is a difference in the absorbency of each, and they are, despite their size, absorbent. I tend to have a heavy/irregular flow, and using environmentally-friendly, chemical-free products has really changed everything for me. I wound up having to use a heavy conventional pad due to not being able to tolerate the Softcup (I’m still getting used to the Intimina Lily Cup Compact!), and needing something to last me through to the night… I wound up using the Camping on Foxes Navy (regular/moderate) pad on top of the plastic one, but when I needed to remove it and just revert to the commercial products because I needed to do laundry, I really did notice a difference.

While I can’t feel cloth pads as much, conventional pads really do bunch up and make sure you know they’re there, and… I’m really happy with these pads thus far.

Other comments

Lisa has really cute patterns, and she is quite active on her shop and in updating and shipping out.

I also admire that she labels the absorbencies with “stars”. ;>

Where to find Yurtcraft

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