Lizard Finds vol. 3

Even though I am home, and have been home, I still took about two weeks to adjust to actually being home. I literally felt like I was stuck in Oklahoma, and I was being suggested things I should wear even after getting back home—wearing sweats out to lunch, when the weather is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, for example.

I bought seven bucks’ worth of candy, was only able to actually consume about five bucks’ worth safely, though I just went ahead and finished one package of gummy bears I had opened… seriously, who puts coconut oil in gummy bears? Lesson learned: Never let your guard down, even for foods that don’t normally contain severe allergens.

I was reminded of my Aspieness when the lady behind me in line at the Dollar Tree said something about me going to the movies, and I just smiled in response. I didn’t know how to reply, and I also didn’t get the point of her comment.

I’m also an official expo blogger/member of the press for the GFAF Expo in Dallas again this year. I’m super excited. I wrote a post on Liz and Code regarding how to prepare for expos, and I think I might post it here in the event that it helps someone… because nobody else seems to really explain what an exposition is, and as an Aspie, I like to know details about things before I go—I favor plans and despise surprises.

The finds

  • I don’t follow the Copyblogger’s blog, but I like this chick’s recap/notes from Copyblogger’s Authority 2015 conference.[1. Note: I don’t follow Copyblogger at all, because I don’t believe it is Aspie-friendly, feel the blog is treated like it is the blog law, and cannot stand the grammar/punctuation/etc., among other things. I feel like their advice is a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach, and I dislike it.]
  • Using an expired EpiPen is better than using no EpiPen at all.
  • Explore the horrendous thing that is sensory overload with Auti-sim; use your arrow keys to navigate and your mouse to look around. Note: It is a nightmare.

…I actually had a boring month and didn’t read a ton of stuff. /slacker

I’ll get back to reading blogs soon.<3

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Hope you’re doing okay and being home goes well for you. 🙂 I’m definitely going to explore that Auti-sim thing, it looks very interesting.
On another note, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award! You can look at it heeeere ( so give it a go if you like!

I wouldn’t have known what to say to that lady. I don’t interact well with chatty types who comment on almost everything. Buying candy does not automatically mean going to the movies. Why does she care if you are going or not?

She made some other comments about how much candy I was buying. :'( Honestly, I don’t see how it matters. If I look like a child, okay, so what? If I look like an adult? EVEN MORE SO WHAT? I actually got a few ideas for recipes from the candy, and I developed some other non-blog ideas (well, they could be? I figured out ideas for experiments for kids). I don’t get why people even have to make comments like that. I’m insecure about food enough as it is. :/

Sounds like somebody who has a lot of free time (yeah, it’s weird for me to say that, being a housewife, but I find better things to do than bother strangers). These people are why I hated working morning-early afternoon shifts at grocery stores.