July Candy Haul

I chilled with Charlise today, and we went to the Dollar Tree, where everything is just $1. It’s a pretty nifty store. Anyway, I needed headphones and toothpaste, and I wanted to get some candy. I didn’t plan to spend around $8 on candy and one bag of cheddar popcorn, but oh well. It’s alright; it’s hard to find nut-free candy I like, candy I’m in the mood for, and candy I’ll probably want in a few weeks still.

I don’t eat a lot of sweets/candy, but when I’m in the mood for them, they are nice to have around.

I also like candy that isn’t just pure sugar, though this haul probably doesn’t do very well at displaying that.

July 2015 Candy Haul

  • Pop Rocks (Tropical Punch/Watermelon/Strawberry) — I already enjoyed the strawberry one; I forgot how much it works when they pop whilst your mouth is closed! Anyways, this is my version of an Independence Day celebration, I guess. Fireworks are too loud, and whilst they’re pretty and all, I don’t care to see shows like that. I like airplane shows, though—those are cool.
  • Sour Punch Straws (Strawberry/Green Apple/Blue Raspberry/Lemon) — I like the rainbow ones more, but these will do anyways. I took all the ones I could find, which was just two. I was looking for the strawberry-flavored Sour Punch Straws, but these will do.
  • Black Forest gummy bears (assorted) — It turns out these have coconut oil, an ingredient I’ve never seen in gummy bears. I let my guard down and got caught up in the moment, thus I wound up not checking for the ingredients. Therefore, these are going to Charlise!
  • Nik-L-Nip (assorted) — These little wax bottles contain juice, which reminds me of Bug Juice, a sugary juice drink targeted toward kids and coming in wacky flavors and a small bottle. I already enjoyed about three of them. The way it works is, you bite the cap off, then suck or squeeze the juice into your mouth. The wax is food-grade and can be chewed thereafter, but it is not for eating. I don’t chew it… it’s unflavored, and I’m not up for finding it in my teeth later/accidentally swallowing it.
  • Skittles (assorted) — I love Skittles, but I don’t get them often.

I subscribed for Love With Food again, since they dropped their prices tremendously since I last subscribed, so I will be posting about that when I receive it. 🙂

A per-month subscription is now $9.99, with free shipping. Beats the former price of $10 for the box and $2 for the shipping! Right now, they’re having a promotion for newcomers to receive 40% off their first Tasting Box. 🙂

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[…] I bought seven bucks’ worth of candy, was only able to actually consume about five bucks’ worth safely, though I just went ahead and finished one package of gummy bears I had opened… seriously, who puts coconut oil in gummy bears? Lesson learned: Never let your guard down, even for foods that don’t normally contain severe allergens. […]