Ding & Kennie Cloth Pads Review

Ding & Kennie is an Etsy shop offering various handmade, reusable products. I’ve bought three un-sponges, but I’ve yet to use them. They’re much softer than I thought they would be, however.

Fox-patterned cloth pad
10″ PUL, Regular Flow, Foxes (Flannel)

19th May, I bought one of Ding & Kennie’s regular 10″ pads.

When snapped, this pad is 3″ wide. There is, unfortunately, no option to add on additional snaps, but Charlise has a thingy that I can use to snap it where needed so it won’t be too wide anymore; I only need to cut about an inch off. :p

In this pad is a layer of Zorb and flannel.


Etsy receipt


  • Flannel absorbs more quickly! It’s also easier to clean and get stains out of, though thus far, I haven’t had any that is a lighter color. It does take a little longer to dry than cotton does after washing, though it’s not too long. It’s also really absorbent, and now I understand why a lot of cloth pads have a layer or more of flannel for their absorbency. It does get hot, however.
  • This pad can technically double as a “heavy flow” pad for me, because of how absorbent the flannel is. I’m not sure if that helps others in determining whether cloth pads would be a good choice for them, as I keep coming across how people can’t rely on reusable pads because they have such heavy flows, and I’m finding my extremely heavy flow isn’t as heavy as I thought it was/as it was when I wasn’t using environmentally-friendly products.
  • It’s long enough this time, though I am still working out a size I like.
  • I think the double layer-like design makes this pad work better than others—imagine a wingless pad sewed onto a winged frame. It is exactly what it looks like, and I admire it. It’s like an extra layer of protection.


Would I buy from Ding & Kennie again?

Yes. She has some really cute patterns!

Was the product worth the price?

For what it does, as well as for the value it holds, I think yes.

Other comments

The only downsides are that she doesn’t really mark her pads with a tag or a signature, so I’ll have to rely on my poor memory to remember where this one came from and the absorbency, and there is no additional snap addon option. It’s okay, though, because Charlise has one. 😉

Where to find Ding & Kennie

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