Wow, yes, let me embarrass myself.

GFAFExpo 2015: SunButter probably thinks I'm obsessed

I went and chilled at Charlise’s yesterday, because we went to thrift stores to look for backpacks to take with us today, since our purses got in the way last year…or mine did, at least. I needed something to carry my Epi-Pen, inhaler, and water bottle in. I didn’t get home until about an hour and a half shy of midnight, a time I didn’t see for the first time in a long time last night. I was out before it even hit the 17th of October 2015, slept like gravy until my grandmother awoke me at 7:44am (forty-four minutes after I planned to wake), and rushed to get ready by 8:20.

Instagram started having technical difficulties—that aren’t just affecting me—last night, and I learned this morning my camera didn’t even begin to charge until I picked it up to check to make sure it charged at 8:10. In other words, I was careful with how many photos I took. Only recently tonight did I learn I can post photos to Instagram, thus I suppose that will do until Instagram starts working again. I’m going to make sure my camera’s charged before I go to bed tonight.

Massel, a name inspired by the two words “must sell”, is the sponsor of the GFAF Expo this year. I tried their chicken-flavored soup, and it was really good! It smelled a lot like the seasoning of Ramen noodles. The brand is vegan and nut-free, and the seasonings can be used in soups, on stuff from the grill—anything! I’m super excited to try it, honestly, because when I feel sick, I opt for soup, but canned and/or homemade soups typically aren’t lacking in dairy or eggs. There is yeast, but they’re also soy-free…I’m gonna be able to have soups that don’t make me sicker now!

Massel’s seasonings and bouillon cubes are also lactose-free, preservative-free, cholesterol-free, many other -frees, and made with all-natural ingredients. The cubes lack onion and garlic.

I’m an official blogger of the expo, but this isn’t an official expo post, per se.

This one is about SunButter.

I first learned about SunButter from my BBF[1. Best Blogging Friend] (and also pen pal, if I didn’t suck so much at it) Christine, because she had had a giveaway, and I was a winner. Last year, Charlise bought two 5-pound tubs of SunButter and gave them to me—so I had ten pounds of SunButter total.

One of the reps, Charlise and I were talking about the various SunButter products, and somehow—I don’t really remember precisely how—I was like, “And I’ve had one of those before,” as I pointed to the 5-pound tub under her left hand. We scored extra swag, which is cool, so I can now show my SunButter pride (do you guys have t-shirts?), but all I can think about now is how I’m probably going to be remembered as that one blogger who owned a 5-pound tub of SunButter, which is partially true…

I only ever owned ONE 5-pound tub of SunButter when I ran out of the first one and recycled it.

I don’t purposely think up ways to embarrass myself when I go to expos, promise. It’s not as bad as last year’s; I didn’t stutter as much this time.

P.S. You have some lightweight competition, SunButter. 😮

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Hello, and I was there as well and no, I hadn’t tried any of these products till this weekend but I am so glad I did as they was so good. Plus I have a lot of items for my sons lunch the next week or two. And I already can not wait to attend next year’s Festival.