August 2016 recap

Well…August definitely happened. I survived my old phone and my six-year-old laptop, the latter of which died from a simple water spill. I’d really like to know why it died from a water spill when I’ve spilled broth from soup and sauce from pizza rolls and sodas, like ginger ale and Pepsi, but the moment water comes in contact with it, it freaks out like there is no tomorrow…and then there is no tomorrow.

Maybe I should have paid more attention in science class. I would have known water is a current and might’ve unplugged it before it had a chance to short, and then I’d have a laptop still. But I can’t soak in the regrets of that night or else it’ll eat me up.

Highlights of August

Georgie designed for me a new theme.

I’m really proud of it. Maybe it’s cliche, but I would like to brand myself and my blog, and I feel like one way to do that is through a theme.

The idea is hot vs. cold, hence red ? and turquoise ?. Er, the latter is supposed to represent Earth because #aquamarine, but I guess it’d be more fitting if it were water. ?? It’s like a sweet vs. sour thing. It’s my personality. Turquoise is my fave color, as is red. Aquamarine is my birthstone. ?? The dark grey is a neutral point.

I also have post series fitting in with this. They might be rocky at first, especially without my own laptop,  but I’ll get there eventually. ?

The theme is also representative of the web series I aspire to create. I’m not afraid to “go there”. I favor diverse story lines and characters. Elements is an example.~

I organised some of my room.

I don’t care what your favorite organisation blogger says: organizing is a process. I come from a family of hoarders, tbh. We keep all the things. We’re sentimental, and it rather sucks, but just selling certain things would be utterly wrong. Giving them away would be even worse. ? And most of it is paper stuff, and I’m recycling it left and right, but I can’t just throw everything out.

I cleaned off my dresser/thing, though. I also got through three boxes of papers and a stack equal to one box of…wait for it…papers. A lot of the papers were from the expos I’d gone to. I was disappointed in the things I’d forgotten about, and this year I’ll definitely know what not to pick up. I don’t wanna just wind up recycling it a year from now. ?

September tidbits

I forgot about my plans to launch the podcast I mentioned sometime earlier this year, so that’s not happening now. It’ll have to wait ’til next year, which sucks because I was excited. I just can’t now because #nolaptop, and even if I got one in time, I’d be stressing myself to get caught up. I don’t need that.

I was also going to try launching a virtual book club, but such won’t be happening, either.

I am hoping, however, to start up an interview series. ? I have a list of people to send questions to so I can get a few in and scheduled up.

The GFAF Expo is this weekend. I’m already starting to freak out, but am also excited about it. I really like how I covered it last year, so I am looking forward to that method again—but with a few minor adjustments.

Q&A, survey info

I probz won’t share survey results until I have a new laptop, but the idea of a Q-and-A is so enticing, and I wanna answer some questions. ? So! #AMA. I don’t promise to answer every question seriously. ?

Still blogging/around/here

My laptop may have broken, but I’m still here. I don’t typically get religious on my blog, but considering the timing, I feel like God made sure I had a working device so I wasn’t completely disconnected from the world. My old laptop was having so many problems, so maybe it was just time. I don’t know. I’ve just accepted shit happens, and this ridiculously unfortunate, annoying situation has surprisingly inspired unexpected creativity in me.

(This, by no means, means I am more productive or whatever other slack I’ve received from select family members about my time on my laptop. I cannot, for example, answer support tickets on HostClearly. I actually need my laptop to get stuff done. I’m looking for one, funds are just hard for me.) ?

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Comments on this post

“I can’t SOAK…” – I see what you did there, and I snickered appropriately. In any case, I’m sorry your laptop died! I managed to spill fabric softener on my then-just-6-months-old laptop last winter and freaked. Even though I promptly unplugged it, ripped out the battery, and flipped it upside down, the keyboard still shorted out – half the keys didn’t work. Yay warranties, lol.

It’s always the simple stuff that ruins things @___@… I’ve had water kill a lot of my electronics before. Having a solid layout that you love is good for branding purposes! Go you~

Hang on in there, you’ll get a replacement laptop :). Organizing is a nice way to sort things out and make some neatness out of it. I always find myself taking a bunch of fliers and stuff I end up tossing out. I still have a lot of junk fliers in my resume folders XD.

Have fun at the GFAF Expo!

Your decluttering makes me smile. If you ever need some encouragement let me know. I come from a family of hoarders as well, and it’s difficult living with them. I need to somehow push them to clean up a bit and just… just try. I try to get them to see how I think about minimalism without going too far. I know that they really, really like to keep sentimental items, even if they are small. I’ve already gotten myself to the point where letting go is easy.

I am so glad you love the new theme! ?

Gah, I wish I could ask you some questions but I feel I have been put on the spot. I’ll toss a few here.

  • As someone with a lot of allergies, what is your usual reaction when you find x-free food? Perhaps even food that is five-free (I’m not sure of the term so feel free to edit this, but like, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, all in one)?
  • If you could colour your hair any colour, what would you choose?
  • Who is your favourite cartoon character?
  • What is your favourite item of clothing to wear?
  • You love turquoise, but is it one of the colours that you buy everything in? Or is there a colour that you love to buy everything in (clothes, notebooks, stationery, phone cases, etc.)?
  • What is one craft skill you wish you had, that you don’t already have?

? Sorry to have put you on the spot! I’m also gonna pull the Qs from the survey and answer ’em in a Q&A post. ?

Yeah, organizing/decluttering is hard. ? I actually haven’t since cleaning off my dresser thing. ? I stopped because I got bored of and annoyed by it. I’m considering trying to spend at least ten minutes on it at least once a day, though, until it’s done, because…like prime wall space is being consumed by stupid boxes full of papers.

Idunno, I might tweet or email you later to bounce some ideas off? Or maybe you have tips. ? I feel like I should type up all my writing stuff and at least save it to Google Drive when I get a new laptop, for one, because about two or three boxes are filled with things like that. And the ones that aren’t crappy are, um, just taking up lots of space. ?

And do I really need to keep the tiny bell ornament I don’t even remember making in my childhood? ?

Ugh. I’m soooo wanting to answer your questions now. ??

But ugh. I honestly pull up my site on my phone quite often lately just to admire this theme. ? So nerdy of me, actually. ??