Do alters in a DID system recognize the body’s parents as the their parents?

Dissociative identity disorder systems may not view their parents as their parents in the non-system (singlet) sense. This may be because of trauma, how the system functions, or another reason.

Because DID forms from repeated trauma during early childhood, the system might reject the body’s parents entirely. It all depends on the relationships between the parent and the system/alters as a whole.

I don’t feel comfortable explaining my system’s parental dynamic in full, so this is the gist.


The body’s mom is not recognized as my mom. Biologically speaking, she is the body’s mom. When I write about her, I use language that makes sense to non-systems.

However, I do not perceive her as my mom directly. The caretaker alter of my system is recognized as our mom. It puts a literal take on parenting yourself. To non-systems, this concept mightn’t make much sense, because a mom is a mom??

Most of my system’s trauma involves the body’s neglectful mother, so my brain created a mother-type alter based off Julianne Moore from The Forgotten, because that mother was not neglectful.

The caretaker alter in a DID system might take care of all the alters or just a few — like managing the littles, non-human alters, etc. Mine serves as the mother figure 🤷‍♀️ and is likely the reason I don’t feel anything towards the body’s mother (except pity).


The body’s father is a bit complicated as well, but he is recognized as our father all around. There is no system father, nor does their need to be. Other systems might have one, but mine does not.

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